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I have been happily married for 5 years. 3 days ago my husband videotaped me and him secretly while we were being intimate. I noticed the camera only while i was leaving the room and was shocked, horrified that he could do such a thing. Especially, as i cover up infront of non mehrams and he knows that i dont even like to be photographed without a hijab. He said its a joke and then laughed and "that he was going to put it onto you tube" When i told him how upset, disappointed and hurt i was. He said, that he was only going to put it on our tv screen one day while i was watching just to get a reaction from me. He said his plan has "back fired" as he got caught. Also it did not tape well, ie cant make out who we are. Iv told him at the time that i have lost my trust in him. He thinks im over reacting and thinks its all very funny. Since then he makes remarks infront of my family that i am his "film star" jokes "are you ready for another scene? I dont know what else i should do? I feel very cold towards him now. Do i talk to him again about it and what do i say? plese help me to get over this hurdle?

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The Prophet [saw] has cursed anyone who reveals their secrets in bed, and it is the act of shaitan and his ways.

My dear sister you have a valid argument against him because there is a chance that that video type can get in to the hands of those who are evil and will spread it to others and your secrets will be out in the open, my dear sister this husband of yours has opened a window that is shamefulness and it is not of Islam and it is one of the acts that can allow the woman to free herself from the husband and that is to get divorce from him, it is a serious act that should not be taking lightly.

What you should do is firstly to destroy the type in front of him and once you do that you take an oath of him by the name of Allah that he will not do it again and if he does it again that he divorces you. And also that he should not mention it nor joke about it.

My dear sister if you do not do this and he does it again and in future he divorces you he can use it against you to blackmail you and you will have a difficulties of re marrying to anyone else and it can damage you, therefore, this is a serious issue in Islam and should not be taking lightly and anyone who fears Allah should not do this and my dear sister if you fear Allah you will not let him do this ever again and please take my advise and act upon it. Allah knows best.

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الحمد لله ربّ العالمين

syabas caabi. yarhamukAllah.

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asalaam aleykum,

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and uk more information however;

In Islam , it is recommended NOT to even go near it.

If he is your husband then the camera took both of you i don't see any reason why Not to address him as camera man.

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Auzu billahi minasyaitanirajim. Bismilahirahmanirahim. waalaikumusalam abjad , is our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW teach us to be arrogant to his ummat? hm .. im not an educated person but im willing to give information to all muslim as long as i can but if i cant than i will try my best to give it. insyaAllah.

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You are absolutely justified in your angry reaction to what he did, 100%. This is one of those rare cases where one party is 100% wrong and the other is 100% right. You should make sure that any such tapes are immediately destroyed.

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