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I'm asking that if I choose to practice, can you still be Muslim and not wear the garments? I asked this because I live in the south(GA) and its hot year round with a few cold days at times. Because of the weather would I still have to garb up?

I have seen many make it about the garments and others make it about prayer. I just want to make sure what I am getting myself into. I see many friends even family members come in and out garbs and just want to know right and wrong when it comes to this topic in Islam.


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Sister which garments are you talking about please be clear n specific to avoid confusion

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i was asking about females wearing the garments in area's with a different weather climate

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Doesn't matter , just don't stay out in the sun or something. And drink plenty of water that's what I do. You will be surprised the comfort you get by pleasing our lord. Salam

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If you are talking about the judpa, the full outer gown, then this is most advisable. It gives you full covering and full modesty. We women in Islam, do not want any man being able to see our shape of body. It is a form of protection from unwanted glances and attention. It is good for summer and winter, keeps you cool and warm. Allah knows best. This is a mercy from Allah, for women to wear, you will benefit from this "garb". If you are thinking of wearing something less, make sure it is a long dress type, arms covered, and ankles covered, and the chest covered. Always wear your hijab , be it in garb or not, that is, in public. The garb, is a recognised symbol of clothing for women to wear. As im sure you recognise the men , especially on Jummah, or by the beard. Then again, men are less recognisable if they dont wear their garbs or a beard. So with this, you become recognisable and greeted accordingly as a muslim. Its a wonderful feeling to be seen, and greeted. A good way to make muslim freinds also. I am a revert, If you have any questions, please ask. You can take tiny steps into your transition or go full on. Dont be overwhelmed by all this as regards dress sense, just be modest. Prayer is important, just as modesty is.

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thank you.

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Allah subhanahu WA ta'ala has commanded us to wear the outer garments in the Qur'an so yes it is fard (obligatory). Just as the five pillars are the foundation of Al Islam . Shahadah , salah, zakat, sawm, hajj. (if incapacity allows for hajj). It is important to understand that these are given to us by the mercy of Allah so that by his grace we can obtain success. Insha Allah. Sister asalamu 3alaykum and may Allah bless all you do.

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thank you.

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Salaam. Bismillah Al Rahman Al Raheem.

Hijab encompasses the intent, the mind, the action (guarding ones chastity from those you are unmarried to, talking, walking, interacting, spending) and the clothing, for both men and women.

Allah commands Women to wear a specific clothing which is the Khimar (Surah Noor ayat 30), a long head veil covering your chest (bosom), and the Jalabiya (Surah Ahzab ayat 59) which is a long loose dress.

Allah Al Rahman Al Raheem also commands that women walk in a soft straight manner so that there female parts do not shake and become apparent. Women are also commanded to hide adornments which Allah adorned us with, breasts, hair, buttocks, legs, the womans curves. Hijab also means no embellishments such as fancy clothing and jewelry and heels, fancy watches and rings, and such, for men and women. Not only are such embellishments against hijab but it is not Humble of us to wear in the presence of others then our family. First because of beauty, lust, pride, envy, attention, and second because those with less money will feel bad.

We should be simple folk like our RasoolAllah may peace and blessings be upon him and those he loves.

Hijab is also restraint from lower urges and desires, for both men and women.

These answers although I have given them can be found in the Glorious Qur'an. All answers can be found in Allah AlRahman AlRaheems Words.

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