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Salaamualikum I am asking a question about how Islam is going through my life as I start I wanted to ask how come it's hard to be happy and I just keep think thoughts after another and then after another saying I can't do this I don't know how to read this and I recently started to pray but the problem is that it feels like every good deed I do doesn't feel like its been counted and I masturbated for quite of a while but I started fresh but I stopped because I think it's not being counted my good deeds for about a year I haven't been happy everyday I justed think something bad going to happen or my family going to upset me or in school and I am not the brightess person but I really need help I just consently think about life saying I hate and I want to die and I feel like Allah isn't guding me and I'm sorry to the views that don't like this forgive me I really need help and I'm stress about every think and please and Allah will give you the good deed inshallah :)

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Next time start Allah name in capital letter and separate the In sha Allah :)

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Life is a test, no matter what. It can seem hard and arduous, and as if blessings arent coming your way. Blessings are both seen and unseen, as are sins. So even if you think Allah is not listening, or blessing, be sure that He really is. Blessings can come in the most unexpected forms. You may not even realised you are being blessed. Two things you can do .... ask for forgiveness, constantly, even if you think you are not sinning,,,,,,, and be thankful constantly, for every meal every aspect of every day. Of course, make dua, in every salat, ask for help, and contentedness, to rid your heart of any disease inflicting your daily life. Masturbating is not acceptable, as you know. So refrain, and refrain from all that you are aware of that is bad for you. To be happy in Islam, is to accept what is given to you, and to be grateful for small mercies. As for reading The Quran, psevere, even in Englisg translation. It s better than nothing. Learn Arabic, make it a task. Those voices in your head, saying i just cant do this, they are from shatan. Dont let him defeat you. I have a friend in just the same dilema,,,,,, I wonder,,,,, could you be spending your time in a pursuit that keeps you from being a constant practicing Muslim???,,,, Internet, being constantly alone, no friends, family problems, ??????. Self pity can be all consuming. Be amongst those that can bring you out of your state of mind. And Im sure, some one here will give you the Quranic advice, etc and be more qualified than me to answer your plight. InshaAllah you will see the light again, and come forth out of your darkness. It does sound though like a bout of depression. Allah knows best. I wish you well and make dua for you.

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Thanks I do some much dua for you

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Start doing things that makes you happy first of all, things that can make a impovement in your life. Like working on something in your home or outside like working out or improve yourself. You know when you have something to do then your worries and thoughts are less or you dont have time to think about them. And when you find something you like to work on or do, then keep on doing it. For thats something you can enjoy, and thats what it is all about.

If you like to help people then you could be more positive so you would think more positive thoughts like helping a old woman over the street or help your family with something that needs to be done.. And if it is nothing to do in the family, then you could maybe want to play ball or something. To get your mind on other things than your worries.

Something I know could help good is to play some kind of game or something. Im not talking about cards, but you know Playstation or X-Box or Nintendo. Ok you choose your games with caution and after what you like, for if you dont like violence like me then you could try a kind of ball-sport game or something.. But you know those TV-games are not for all, some dont like them and others do. You got to have it in you or you could try to at least. It is just a suggestion, and if you in the family have some that already play video-games or TV-games then your in luck. For it would be expensive to buy one(PlayStation or XBOX or Nintendo) just to try and see if you like it and it helps. Dont you have one younger brother or cousin that plays so you could try it to see? But you know you got to play a game you really like, for there a many types. Some for younger and older.

I just thought about that would help, for when you are much to yourself then those thoughts start to build up. And thats why finding something to do helps you from those thoughts, and when you have made a change in your road in life then those thoughts get less and less. For now you have something to do, like playing video-games, meeting friends, dating, or join some kind of group with same interest as you.. For if you have a interest in talking or chatting with someone who have the same interest as you. You just got to find something to do in your spare time really, for when you are much to yourself as said before those negative thoughts start to build up. For it is about being positive rather than negative...

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Flanders are you ONLY HOPE LEFT?

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Dear Brother or Sister, May Allah (swt) make things easier for you. I have just started a website: . I hope this website will help you insha'Allah.

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