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I want to know that I saw a dream that my teacher who is very very religious shaved his beard. Please tell me what does this mean? JazakALLAH Khair

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Dream interpretations are not here as one can be harmed by such information. Dreams come from 3 things Allah , shayton , and the wonderings of your own mind.

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Im no expert on dream anology, but i do have a book by Allamah Muhammad Bin Sireen ( R A ), calleddreams and interpretations., which states, the shaving off of the beard means he will lose his respectability and dignity amongst the people.

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Dream interpretation as such ,, that it has to be in context with the whole dream, or at least as much as you can remember. This one aspect is given and quoted as a general meaning. But as sadie says, dreams are from Allah or shatan,,,, not so sure about the mind wondering, this is more like a waking dream, not in full rem cycle,,, not fully a sleep. !!!!! ????? Allah knows best. InshaAllah your teacher will not fall from grace. You need to speak in private about dreams to a proper dream anlysist, Muslim of course. Dreams are classed as personal knowledge for ones self.

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