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BROTHER FAISAL26 ANSWERED THE QUESTION NICELY.THANKS FOR THAT MAY ALLAH HAVE MERCY UPON U AND ALL MUSLIMS. One thing more for which i am still concerned about this is that yesterday a shemale customer called me on phone and enquired about the passport she told me that she had to be out soon for audition what type of audition ? i did'nt asked and did'nt even bothered to know.should i help her in this case or not or ask about her what audition she is going for.

              the other thing should i ask my every potential customer about for what purpose he is going to do abroad.   what is ruling on this with regard to  non-muslim customer.please throw some light on this topic. i am really frustrated as i don't have any other source of income than this.OR I SHOULD LEAVE THIS WORK


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If both of you are members of community site then you can message each other there when you have more questions. Its an option. Salam

(Oct 17 '13 at 02:37) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image
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