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Ishmael's mother or father was not an Arab,so Ishmael could not be an arab

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Probably true, for if you read in the Bible it will let you find the truth...

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I see this in the quran

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Yeah mon can see it more than one place.

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Abraham, Came from Ur Kasdim, Sumerian city of Ur, South Mesopotamia.From the tribe of Chaldeans. Abraham died in Cannan. Thus Ishmael was born in Eygpt or Assiryia, not sure.

This information is not based on Quranic evidence, but as the following, Traditional Origins;;; According to the Book of Genesis, Abraham's first wife was named Sarah and her handmaid was named Hagar. However Sarah could not conceive. According to Genesis 16:3 Sarah (then Sarai) gave her maid Hagar in marriage to Abraham, in order that Abraham might have an heir. Genesis 16: 3 states, "And Sarai Abram's wife took Hagar her maid....and gave her to her husband Abram to be his wife”. Hagar conceived Ishmael from Abraham, and the Ishmaelites descend from him. After Abraham pleaded with God for Ishmael to live under his blessing, Genesis 17:20 states, "But as for Ishmael, I have heard thee: behold I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make him a great nation." The third century BCE Samaritan book The Secrets of Moses says in chapter VIII: "1. And after the death of Abraham, Ishmael reigned twenty seven years; 2. And all the children of Nebaot ruled for one year in the lifetime of Ishmael; 3. And for thirty years after his death from the river of Egypt to the river Euphrates; and they built Mecca.; 4. For thus it is said (in Genesis 25:16): 'As thou goest towards Ashur before all his brethren he lay.'" Josephus states "were born to Ismael twelve sons: Nabaioth, Kedar, Abdeel, Mabsam, Idumas, Masmoas, Massaos, Chodad, Theman, Jetur, Naphesus, Cadmas". These inhabited all the country from Euphrates to the Red Sea, and called it Nabatene.[1] Palestinian targum further explain Genesis 25:16: "And they (children of Ishmael) dwelled from Hindikia (Indian Ocean) to Palusa (Pelusiumt, which is before Egypt) as thou goest to Atur (Assyria)." The 14th century CE Kebra Nagast says in chapter 83: "Many countries are enumerated over which Ishmael ruled."[2]

Historical records state;;; Assyrian and Babylonian Royal Inscriptions and North Arabian inscriptions from 9th to 6th century B.C, mention the king of Qedar as king of the Arabs and King of the Ishmaelites[3][4][5][6] .Of the names of the sons of Ishmael the names “nabat kedar abdeel dumah massa and teman” were mentioned in the Assyrian Royal Inscriptions as tribes of the Ishmaelites. Jesur was mentioned in Greek inscriptions in the First Century B.C.[7] The Qedarite kingdom continued long after the demise of the last native Babylonian king Nabonidus, but the Nabataean kingdom emerged from the Qedarite kingdom because of the continuity in geography and language between the two tribes some two hundred and fifty years later.[8][9][10] Many Arabic tribes names of the time of Muhammad (and Now) such as Asad, Madhhij, and the ancestor tribes of Muhammad: Ma'ad and Nizar[11] were found in the Namara inscription dated 325 AD in the Nabatean script.[12][13] Maqrizi says that Moses wiped out almost all non-Ishmaelite Arabs such as Amaleq and Midianites,[14] and by the time of Muhammad all Arabs were descendents of Ishmael according to historians Hisham Ibn Al-Kalbi and al-Sharqi who believed that all Arabs were descendents of Ishmael including the Qahtanites.[15]

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y'all argue over the silliest things. of course if you don't know who beget who, how will you know who the al-mahdi is when he shows up?

guess this guy was wrong.

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@Abyadgirl great work, lets not forget that ishmael married into the Jurhum tribe the hadith says this tribe asked his mother to stay with them. From this union came his sons. When we look into the hebrew word ebree which translate as hebrew which means crossover. So my question is was ibrahim a hebrew? For whatever he was his son was and it was not arab. Salaam

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If Hagar was not an Arab in Abraham was not an Arab than by logic Ishmael was not an Arab,he may have been a teacher to the Arabs.

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