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Assalamualaikum. Do you ever wonder if you lie about your name, actually you lie to yourself and if you lie to yourself than you lie to Allah. because we are belong to Allah Subhana Wa Taala. correct me if im wrong, because all the good things come from Allah Taala and the deficiency is from me. waAllahutaalaalam.

is it?

wa aleykum salaam,

i heard that due to certain circumstances you can but NOT father name

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you heard? are you sure? very sure?

(Mar 24 '12 at 03:18) Muhammad Izammudin Ismail Muhammad%20Izammudin%20Ismail's gravatar image


you can change your name...BUT not your fathers' name

...ok let me ask you a question...When dying of hungerr and find no food except Swine meet ...What are the



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u can change ur name if it wasn't from islam and islam doesn't admit it or if ur name is affect badly in ur life or u wants to starts anew life like new forigen muslims. Whatever, names aren't as much important as character. And Allah only the one who can help u with aname or not. Wa Allah a'lam

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i belive you can change you name because if you revert to islam and have a name like iblees or abdul almalaika or abdul gabriel (which i have heard) you must change it because your name implies that you worship somone other than god

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