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salam. I m a muslim and ve no doubt in man being ashrafulmakhlooqat but want to have a clarification/interpretation in this regard plz. No one can deny that no other creature has inflicted such a large scale destruction to the universe than a human being has done.i e. Murder damage to forests butchery of animals while we know that it s v v painful to be slaughtered and so on. Two things i need .one where is it mentioned that man is ash..makhlooqat i.e in Quran or Ahadith or where.specific.and second what s the corect interpretition. Plz

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Salaam brother. Allah SWT has created the universe and for us Muslims there is no question about this. But we also want to believe that human beings are the “The Best of Creation” (Ashraf-ul-Makhlooqat).

Allah SWT says:

“We have honoured the children of Adam, provided them with transport on land and sea, given them for sustenance things good and pure, and made them superior to a great number of Our creations.” 17: 70

The fact of the matter is that the Qur’an states positively that man has been made superior to a vast number of creations, which by inference gives an understanding that he is not superior to ALL of the creation.

Nowhere in the Quran does it state that man is superior to ALL the CREATION. So man is not number one in creation. Therefore, he is not the topmost creature. Of course mankind is better than all the creatures that live on the Land but man is not better than all the creatures of Entire Universe.

Humans are Ashraf-ul-Makhlooqat or superior to all living things on Earth because we have been given the best form and we have the power of reasoning and to choose our path of conduct.

The verse of Qur’an that says that the humans were created ‘ahsane taqvim’ (Qur’an; 95:4) means that God created man in the most beautiful mould.

Humans are considered as the most complex and advanced of Allah's creations because of our ability to select the path of conduct and not because of our superiority of conduct.

So it is important to keep in mind that Allah's decision to prefer humans lies in the fact that He has given us a mind that is capable of both obeying and disobeying. The choice is ours. But it doesn't literally mean that humans are perfect or the best, this is not so.

We have the potential to be amongst the best but we choose many deviant paths that steer us in other directions.

Humans who have a high status in the Sight of Allah SWT are those who never give up being reflective and rational. They work hard through perseverance, humility, strong willpower and immense patience to overcome the temptations of the earthly life and they chose to obey Him instead. This is no small feat.

Humans also have a superior mind because of its ability to think, its curiosity and persistence to discover and invent in an effort to improve the quality of earthly life. Humans pursue knowledge in all fields.

The problem lies in the fact that instead of utilizing our superior minds to strengthen our faith in Allah The Almighty, majority of humans choose to become arrogant and to reject Allah’s instructions.

Some have not misused or misinterpreted the superior characteristics of their minds and have maintained their focus in following the straight path.

What we are also failing to do is to grasp the reality of the Unseen. We are much too convinced of our infallibility, in that, we take for granted whatever we are unable to comprehend isn't true or doesn't exist.

Not many of us understand that our minds, no matter how complex, are not infinite. Our minds have very clear-cut perimeters beyond which we are not ordained to penetrate. Just because we do not understand it does not mean it does not exist. Many lack trust.Trust in Allah SWT.

And Allah SWT says:

"And when the word is fulfilled concerning them, We shall bring forth a beast of the earth to speak unto them because mankind had not faith in Our revelations." 27:82

Without doubt man is a being capable of receiving and giving moral instruction. He performs a part of his actions out of his own free will, and voluntarily refrains from certain acts. This is free will, which Allah SWT has given us otherwise it would be futile to admonish and instruct a creature whose actions are completely pre-determined and which has no will of its own and no control over its own destiny.

Competent thinkers consider man to be free in his actions and responsible for them.

Now you also make reference to the acts of evil that some humans choose to commit. It is evident through numerous studies that man’s acts of violence and destruction are a result of choice.

Humans are not inherently evil. For example, a criminal is a criminal not because it is stamped in his genes but because most of them are those who opened their eyes in families devoid of emotional warmth and moral virtues. This is why I am a profound advocate for retaining stable, harmonious family life. Where families are polluted with various sorts of vices and indecencies and live in decadent social environments, the children will be the same. It is family and social factors that cause men to choose crime and vice rather than rectitude and purity.

The most important, as well as the worthiest, of man's duties is education. We clearly witness the amazing changes brought about in the course of human history by the various schools of thought that totally altered the features of life.

During the first stages of his life, a human is first confronted with physical forces and urges. These are the necessary early stages of development that a human undergoes. However, at the same time, he possesses an immense capacity and potential for spiritual development and growth.

It is a natural process and a man's higher aspirations and will are capable of working in synergy to achieve its purpose. However, to achieve this goal, man stands in need of effective external assistance, care and guidance.

For us Muslims, it is in the form of the Quran and the Sunnah and the scholars who can assist further. In the absence of such assistance these aspirations may suffer deviation or misguidance.

Moral sense in all people has to be developed. Without morality all behaviours become acceptable until they finally become the norm. And this is what is happening in many of the societies today.

This lack of assistance to develop moral sense or rejection and ignorance of it results in the undesirable behaviour which perturbs you and the rest of us so much.

It is the fact that so much of the truth is twisted and manipulated.

Many human beings are driven by greed, sensual pleasures, killing and mistreatment that the concept of humanity comes shattering down as we look. It is ironic to see that whilst we have been blessed with brains and ability to reason, we choose to perform perverse acts of violation of all that stands for humanity.

As for the animal kingdom and the food chain...animals do what they do. They are better than some humans in some cases because they kill to meet their primary needs of survival and that is for food. There is no ill intent there, no malice, they have been genetically predisposed to do this. Yes maybe all animals could have been herbivores but perhaps this would not have worked. This is where one must place trust in Allah SWT’s perfect knowledge.

The principle of human development and man's destiny as the noblest of creatures is described in the Holy Qur'an in these words:

O man! Thou art labouring unto thy Lord laboriously, and thou shalt encounter Him. (84:6) And that the final end is unto thy Lord. (53:42)

I hope that I have been able to provide you with some answers and on the other hand acknowledged your concern regarding the life of this world. Many of us carry similar concerns.

The best guide for us all is Allah SWT. He can guide and keep us strengthened and supportive and tolerant of each other, all human beings. Salaam.

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