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i heard you can get and do everything you want in Jannah easily,but wouldn't that be boring?shouldn't Jannah be like this world,just better,without no sadness poverty etc,or am i wrong?

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In Jannah/Paradise there is what an eye had never seen, and what an ear had never heard.. and what have never pass on a mind of a human.

Life without death, enjoy without boring, food without hunger, health without sickness.. we will not sleep in Jannah because there is no time to waist there.. and no weakness/tired to need some rest. In it you will have whatever you want.. so if you want to eat without planting you can.. if you like and pleases you to do planting then it is as you like.

Our beauty will be increased day by day.. never get old! forever and there is more

NB. the best thing in Jannah is Allah!

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yes that is totally logic to me,i didn't really think about it,thank you for a good answer

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simply all that is good is in Jannah/Paradise and all that is bad is in Jahannam/hell.

In this world we see the two opposites to understand the meaning.. as if this life is an example to let us understand what is waiting for us in the unseen in the last world whether was it jannah or jahannam. (because we could not understand something unseen without an example from the seen world. and because we could not understand the meanings except by the opposite. for example the meaning of day is understood only after we knew its opposite the night.. so if there was no night then we will never understand what's mean day. and same for every meaning; health and sickness we will could have never understand what's health mean except when we knew the sickness.. same with life and death, poor and rich, blind and seeing, happiness and sadness.

Then in the last/Final world we will live eternal in one of two place (there is no third place); Jannah or Jahannam. good-only or bad-only. May Allah let us be of the dwellers of Jannah and avoid/protect us from the fire/naar of Jahannam.

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thank you :)

(Oct 19 '13 at 13:59) Amercina Amercina's gravatar image

Yeah, what my brother said above is correct. Also, if you say that paradise goes on forever and doesn't end, you may question won't we get bored, well the answer to that is EVERY DAY there is always something new, that is the power of Allah.

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I don't doubt,God is All mighty

(Oct 19 '13 at 13:57) Amercina Amercina's gravatar image
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