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Assalamu Alaikkum,

Day before the Eid, I had a dream of Our Prophet SAW , I didn't see his face, but he was wearing a white clothes, and also he have beard. H said me one thing " You don't have belief on ALLAH".

its a small dream, I was very happy to saw our prophet SAW in a dream, same time I am sad too. Bz our Prophet himself said me that I don't have belief on Allah. why I donno. it hurt me more. because I love my Allah very very much. I don't have anything in hand without him. whatever comes to my life I use to thank him, I use to share my sorrows, my happiness, my angry everything with him while praying. I believe him more more and more. But after I saw this dream I feel like Allah don't like me. why It happened only to me? why Allah feels like I don't have belief , why SAW also feels the same way? what should I do next..plz guide me.

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Shanibrahim shaiton is decieving you this is how some evil schoolar did too after they saw shayatin in there dream in which they are seeking for is help in real life, they said the prophet gave them solatul fati which is lie

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The shaitan cannot take the form of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihis wasallam) in a dream BUT he can take the form of someone else and pretend to be the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam). He can even pretend to be saying something which he will pretend is actually a command directly from Allah the Almighty.

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I too, many years ago had a waking image, as if a dream in a split second,whilst reading. I still to this day do not know weather it was the prophet, pbuh, or my son. It was like a photograph that slid in front of my eyes and then slid to the other side out of eye sight. It was a grown man dressed in white, with a beard, and he wore a green sash over his right shoulder. There were no voices, just an image.???? As my son is grown, with a beard, he ressembles a little of this man in my vision, but I do not know what the prophet pbuh, looked like !!!!

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