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I want to marry a girl but she is adopted.i like her very much but my father strongly forbiding because he is saying that her real parents are and may be she was borned with zannah(someone sexed without marraige and born her so she left her) and my father also says that such wrong habits like her mother must be included in her(the gilrl i want to marry).But i havent seen or heard any such wrong habits about her. but my father says she may do after marriage. Tell me what should i do because i love her. She is adopted by my father's brother(chaachu).

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Bismillah hiRahmaaniRahim, I think for a person to assume and make judgement on a persons character is wrong. Who are we to judge. If you have found no faults in this women, then you are ok. Let me tell you, I am adopted and have never known my mother, I too was born out of wedlock. But I am not like my mother. I have grown to learn about her in the last few years after tracing my past. ( unfortunatley i was 17 years to late to ever meet my mother and father, as they had both passed away) Afterall, I was raised in a strict Christian family, and I became Muslim. !!! We are no different to any other women on this Earth. If any thing we, have an understanding and a grounding of compassion and strength that comes with the territory ( as an adoptee ). ( That is if you have grown up in a good family )

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You know there are many instances when a man marries a woman from a good family but the woman turns into a nightmare wife for the husband. The character of a person is what one should look at. If the character is flawed, then you have a bad apple. On the other hand, a woman may have been adopted and she may have the most beautiful character and a pleasure to live with. How unkind to discriminate against someone for something they had no control over in their lives and to trat them second rate. That's putting a blame on someone for something they didn' t do. Makes no sense to me whatsoever. No one can give you a guarantee about any prospective partner. You simply base your choice of partner on your informed judgement and by observing their character. May Allah SWT bless your marriage. Ameen.

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