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This has been around the 4th time my dad has committed a huge sin. It has caused everyone in our family to cry but he is saying he is willing to change and feels guilty. One of my siblings is willing to forgive and is acting as if nothing happened which really confuses me as what my dad had done, I will not be able to forget my entire life. He did something terrible last year too,however my mum was still willing to forgive him as she thought he would change. But we are now at that position that my mum and I don't want to take another risk. It's gone too far. But I don't want to be punished for not forgiving my dad. Even if I do say I forgive him, I won't feel that at heart. My dad is saying to give him another chance, and if he does something bad then he will leave but what if our family has shattered badly by then ? I know Allah knows best, I just wish Allah could show me what to do.

Have you enlisted help from an imam or a sheikh? Sounds like your dad needs help to overcome this tendency to repeat bad behaviours. He may need support but it will work only if he really wants to leave these behaviours behind him. So it's up to your mum to have a seriou heart to heart talk with him. It is also up to your mum as to wheather she will forgive him or not. It's obviously affecting the whole family so your father will have to be made aware of this. He should hear from each one of you how you feel as a result of his bad acts. He will need support to overcome this. It's worth trying for the family's sake as the family unit will break and this in itself also carries repercussions. I wish you all the best in resolving the matter. I assume that you are all asking for AllahSWT's assistance as He will be your best guide. Salaam and may Allah SWT help resolve these family issues for you.

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