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salam. In islam four eye witnesses are required to prove the charge of zina against someone.but with the passage of time the nature of crimes change as well. In present times the crime of rape has surged.after every few days there occur some rape which is not willingly comitted but by the nature of the crime has gone complicated. Here i want to know that if DNA test is acceptable or four witnesses are essential ?

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Salaam. To answer your question, it is not acceptable as primary evidence. This is the ruling issued by the Islamic Fiqh Council of the Muslim World League. The evidence specified in Shareeah has to be there. Please refer to this site for an excellent answer to your is quite detailed.

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so if a woman says she is raped, there is evidence to that effect, inner-thigh brusing, vaginal tearing and semen, that's not good enough? this is why all people of reason and conscience need to stand up to this crazy sharia law non-sense.

do i really need to read your salafist link?

(Oct 22 '13 at 17:54) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

Don't click Mike. Trust me, it will only make you mad.

(Oct 22 '13 at 22:55) puppas puppas's gravatar image

too late, i read it yesterday. just didn't have time to comment. if memeory serves, he said the jails would be full of men vindictively accusted of rape. and that women would gather up semen (where they would get it i have no idea) and use it to blackmail and get confictions against innocent men. how little this guy must think of muslim women. i think someone has mother issues. and has seen the movie "the crush" one too many times. doesn't make me mad, it makes me sad. this guy is a well know "scholar" and holds sway over many, millions maybe. the worst of is i've seen stronghold make some

(Oct 23 '13 at 12:30) mikejm mikejm's gravatar image

reasonable comments and answers. i think he does better when he thinks for himself. yet he read that and somehow thought, yeah, makes sense, i'll post it.

(Oct 23 '13 at 12:34) mikejm mikejm's gravatar image

I almost overlooked your comments but am glad I didn't. The questioner asked a question and my searches lead to the answer. I supplied the answer according to how it is stated. I too asked the same questions that you ask. Rape is a hideous act. A true victim is to be sympathised with. In real life circumstance, 4 witnesses would be impossible to achieve, unless this is pack-rape in which case these are not witnesses but participants. Semen being inserted ...cannot imagine it, mind boggles trying to comprehend this. I too, have strong contentions about this for women need to be protected.

(Oct 24 '13 at 07:27) stronghold ♦ stronghold's gravatar image

From an Islamic stance, women who dress provocatively, behave provocatively and are out at all hours of the night, these are not sympathised with when and if they find themselves in compromising situations. Common sense tells us that this is risky behaviour. My interpretation is (and I may be wrong) that if a woman is doing all of the above, then Sharia Law has no interest in protecting them for it is a result of risky behaviour. Really, I would like some sensible answers to this as well. Salaam

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Just to add, as many women do not fall into the above category, I feel that there has to be some solid protection being offered to the real victims and just punishment to the perpetrators. If the jails would be full, makes me wonder just how high the percentages of this crime are. And if there is such protection being offered to the criminal, then how does it end? Mind boggles over this one.

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wow, stronghold. that is dishearting. was thinking i would at least get a: mike you ingonrant slut, he is saying that dna "primarily" or if it is the only evidence you can't use it to convict. it's only proof of sex not forcible rape. but certainly if there are say, defencive wounds, evidence of being chained or restrained in some manor. etc. etc. then 4 witness are not needed. instead you added to the folly that is sharia. but you aren't alone. please tell me u aren't american.

(Oct 24 '13 at 10:06) mikejm mikejm's gravatar image

right off today's front page.

you ride the bus and allah with send the wolfish devil pack to harrass you. such enlightenment.

(Oct 24 '13 at 14:01) mikejm mikejm's gravatar image
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sir. It is and has been quite impossible to produce 4 eye witnesses to prove this act as it s never comitted before people rather it s the one of the man acts which s done most secretly and specially the rape. Leave aside ordinary adultery i m talking of not this favourble and supportive to the perpetrator for his defence .think a little of ur family. It means the victim should not raise the issue at all as the hapeless cant produce 4 eye wtneses.

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arsalan, refer to my comments above. I know and I agree with your point. If you come across a different answer, please post it. Salaam

(Oct 24 '13 at 08:54) stronghold ♦ stronghold's gravatar image
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