asalaam aleykum,

Here in arabia even none muslims(they get use of it) do say Asalaam aeykum

alhamduLilaah, Inshaa allah , shukranetc.

Now my wanting to know while I be in India.... can i say.....namaskar or hare ram hare krshana? like this i am serious what are the words usually used when meeting each other or group?

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it dosent matter where you are or you you talk to assalamu alekum is the perfered greeting otherwise it would be best not to greet them if you are going to be using phrases that have to do with their idols if you remember surat al kaferoon it was sent to muhammad when the unbelivers were asking if they can trade religions for a small time period the prophet said they may swich to islam but he would not swich to theirs no matter what they said they would forever be muslims if he simply wasent muslim for one minute and he still refused hence the verse "la a3budu ma ta3bodoon wala antum 3abidoona ma a3bood." i do not worship what you worship nor do you worship what i worship and you must take this in account wherever you go

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I understand what you want? namestay or nameshkar means bow to you or as I bow to you. this transcript used from ramyan or censcrate the book of indosm but they believe that god is in form of human and when they meet any human it can be god with out their knowledge so they us namesray to respect him and their selves. Islam do not allowed any one to bow to anyone accept Allah and Allah is the great of all. I live in Australia I use to say hi but now I use aslamulicom to greet everyone cause this my religion and I have to follow it nothing to do with anyone else. prophet Mohammad salah o walewaslem said you respect others believe they will respect your believe. I hope this was use full answer. Allah give us all the right path.

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Wa alayka salam, if u wanted 2 greet a muslim brother, say the acceptable greeting (As-salamul alaykum waramatullah wabarakat) and u can say any 2 non-muslim..... Maa salam

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use arabic islam language. That is why we are proud. The others in any language have been invented from its people. We should be proud of our islamic language. U can write it in arabic and then translate it. Wa Allah a'lam

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I agree with lumisho...namaste is not the way of greeting in islam. Because if you say Assalamualaikum to other muslim, actualy you are pray for his/her peaceful. Dont you know As-Salam is one of Allah SWT nature/name? As-Salam = The Peace. There 99 nature/name of Allah SWT you must know as a muslim. Must know my brother. Must. If you dont know Him than you are not in love with Him my brother. Know Him than you love Him. When you love Him than you will love all of His creation. InsyaAllah.


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asalaam aleykum

i think you members must have missed what am at.

the post is as

Now my wanting to know while I be in India.... can i say."what ?

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asalaam aleykum

thank you

now if i may ask...suppose i went to france.....will it be right to say bonjour or aslaam aleykum?

and if that Frenchman happens to be in muslim countries would it right for him to say Asalam aleykum ...or bonswa ?

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Salam, there is no problem, say Salam Alykum either bonjour

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this isnt as bad as ram hare krshana because this has nothing to do with idols its acceptable but if you are greeting a muslim use asallamu allekum but if it an agnabi there is nothing wrong with saying bojour

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thank you

very well then what should I say while am in India?

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as @NesreenA has recommended,thats good answer so should you follow that, Wa Salam

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as far as namaste is concerned, its connected to Hinduism

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