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I don't really get it.

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This worldly life is one of many worlds/lifes that we lives. as we lived before and died before(this is not our first life). to understand this we have to make some definitions; life is the connection of the body to the spirit. death is the disconnection of this spirit to the body. another point the spirit is eternal since Allah created it.. as we are told in hadith that Arwah/spirits are soldier in missions, whoever were known (from before) will be familiar/close and whoever were oppose (before) will differ.

Allah told us about this first life in the verse of displaying the AMANAH/Trust (33:72) and in more details in the verse (7:172) were Allah let us testify and we made the covenant. and this idea is confirmed in the verse (40:11) when the dwellers of hell at the judgment day will say;You let us live twice and died twice and we confessed our sins, is there any way out of here.
and in the verse (2:82) we were dead before this life(that is mean we lived once before that death).

so when our spirits were connected to the loins from Adam and Allah let us testify on ourselves is the first life(7:172), and then we died and became as genetic saved in the loins(without spirit) is the first death.. then we are brought to life again or the spirit is connected to us again in the wombs of our mothers as a fetus/embryo is our second life.. and when our spirit is disconnected again from our known body, after the number of breathes that Allah decreed to each one of us are accomplished we will move to a world called "Barzakh" a place between this world and Final world.

Allah told us about the shuhadaa/martyrs to not think that they are dead but alive(3:169).. and in another verse is telling us to never say that they are dead (2:154).. do not think they are dead!! do not say they are dead!! but alive..Soubhan-Allah!

if this is the degree of the martyrs, so what do you think about the degree of sayidna Muhammad salla Allahou 3alayhi wa sallam? enough for you to know that in one of hadith we are told that "whenever someone salute salaam upon me (prophet Muhammad), then Allah will bring back to me my spirit to reply him/her the salaam/salutation." our actions are displayed upon him on every Friday that is why he say increase sending salah and salaam upon me on Friday.

Allahumma Salli wa sallim wa barik 3ala sayidina Muhammad wa alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim tasliman kathiran. (o Allah cover him by (the showers of) your nearness and the increasing of the good upon Muhammad and upon his family and friends and salute him a salutation.)

Salaamou alaikum.

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Thanks a lot. Salam.

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Welcome! Elhamdoulellah and salaam!

"And know that among you is Rasoulullah,..."(49:7)

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