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If Allah says that whoever is not guided then no-one can guide him (Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 30 Surah Rom verse 29: Nay!!! The wrong-doers (merely) follow their own lusts being devoid of knowledge. But who will guide those whom Allah leaves astray? To them there will be no helpers), then say if someone's a Christian (no offence to those Christians out there, but this IS an islamic site) so he's lead astray, then he converts with the help of Imams or something who inspired him, and he is Now a Muslim so he is guided, then isn't that proving that verse wrong?

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No and be careful how you question Allah . If anyone finds the truth its by allahs leave . With or without a help of a person all praise is due to Allah.

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You haven't answered the question properly. People like you are kinda naive. Mike isn't in this way, but is in another way. With you, it's vice versa.

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Whatever that means . Your taking the ayat out of context. That's harmful. Salaam

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Nope, this website aint any guide. i thought it would be different. There's always moderators roaming around like effing guards.

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Im sorry that I bother you. Salaam

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Nope, I'm sorry. I don't know what's happening to me.

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Your question , the answer, if unguided, left astray, Allah can guide us back,( If we ask, or it is our destiny ) so if a person is lost, he can be found, thus guided back, all by the will of Allah. But for some, they are not found and are left astray, lost.By the will of Allah, perhaps never to be found, guided.

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Thank you for answering. Salam.

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Your welcome,salaam.

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You know the real problem with his question is that he stated the quran was wrong. This is a problem. And sister yes some can return or be found after being lost, but in the qadr we have a choice the route we take and what way we choice we will meet Allah's qadr. It is in the qada that we don't have a choice. Allah doesnt leave no one astray this done by our choice. Allah is al Alim the knower so he knows who will be guided and who won't, but the fact that he know doesn't mean Allah interferes with our choices for he has stated that he doesn't. Basically Allah's will doesn't interfere with

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our choices in the Qadr.

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What yaqin said is the haqq. Qadr being predestination and qada being the decree of Allah. Subhana Allah beloved yaqin. May Allah bless you in this life and the next.

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Beloved the answer to this is very simple, Allah doesnot choose who is guided, we make that choice, what the ayah is talking about are those who has earned the title ABLASA meaning they have lost all hope of Allah's mercy and guidance, this is do to their following the waswas of the shatan which has them following their vain desires clinging to the life of this world. If you read the next verse it is clear that whom Allah is addressing are those who will not hear the call of islam and this is by their choice. And for these there is no helper, Allah azza wal jall tells us: "so when they negate the warning with which they have been reminded. We open to them the gates of every pleasant thing, until in the midst of their enjoyment in that which they are given, all of a sudden, We call them to account and plunged them into destruction. " (6:44) Now my brother when one hears the call and he accepts the truth of the call then this one has stepped on the path to guidance and he is not like one who has lost all hope. The conclusion of your question stems from your lack of knowledge, and one should not speak without knowledge. Salaam

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You yaqin say that Allah does not choose who is guided, but if Allah does not choose who is guided then how can you say that you are guided?

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Flanders we have a choice to accept guidance or not and the quran confirms this.

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[2.17] Their parable is like the parable of one who kindled a fire but when it had illumined all around him, Allah took away their light, and left them in utter darkness-- they do not see.

sound rather more aggressive then not attempting to guide someone because he already knows they will not accept said guidance. don't you think? allah TOOK away thier light!

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Beloved Muslim and slave of Allah the Almighty,

In answer to your question regarding doubts in Allah, first Im very happy that you have come here seeking the solution to your problems.

In Islam, if you have any confusion, it is always good to ask a question and clarify that so that you become stronger in faith. Even if you dont know the answer to the question, rest assured there is an answer and ask the question and do not doubt. I am very happy that you asked the question, seeking to free yourself from any doubt that may arise, and so that you would become stronger in your belief in Allah. Just be careful how you ask the question. Always ask questions to increase you in faith, try searching and in you can actually send your question to the imam.

I pray that Allah (Subhanahu WataAla) cures you from such doubts.

Remember brother, do not doubt Allah, ever.

The kuffar who mock Islam, pursue their vain desires, and indulge themselves in sin: Indeed they will come to know the reality very soon. Death will come to everyone, and they will know very soon about the consequences of their mockery.

Remember the day of judgement. The day about which there is no doubt. The day about which Allah says (in translation):

On the Day you shall see the believing men and the believing women their light running forward before them and by their right hands. Glad tidings for you this Day! Gardens under which rivers flow, to dwell therein forever! Truly, this is the great success!

On the Day when the hypocrites men and women will say to the believers: "Wait for us! Let us get something from your light!" It will be said: "Go back to your rear! Then seek a light!" So a wall will be put up between them, with a gate therein. Inside it will be mercy, and outside it will be torment."

(The hypocrites) will call the believers: "Were we not with you?" The believers will reply: "Yes! But you led yourselves into temptations, you looked forward for our destruction; you doubted (in Faith); and you were deceived by false desires, till the Command of Allah came to pass. And the chief deceiver (Satan) deceived you in respect of Allah."

So this Day no ransom shall be taken from you, nor of those who disbelieved. Your abode is the Fire, that is the proper place for you, and worst indeed is that destination.

Has not the time come for the hearts of those who believe to be affected by Allah's Reminder (this Quran), and that which has been revealed of the truth, lest they become as those who received the Scripture before, and the term was prolonged for them and so their hearts were hardened? And many of them were fasiqoon (rebellious, disobedient to Allah.)

Know that Allah gives life to the earth after its death. Indeed We have made clear the signs to you, if you but understand.

(Translation of the Quran. 57:12-17)

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This website tries to provide authentic answers to many many questions according to the understanding of a few scholars. One of the best websites on the internet inshaAllah.

Remedy for Whispers from Shaytaan

Insinuating Whispers about Purification This says that unless you are absolutely certain that your wudu is broken, and you have doubts, your wudu is still valid, Alhamdulillah.

Waswasah about the Essence of Allah

Whispers from the Shaytan


Short Book. Easy to Read in sha Allah.


Very very useful books. Many Duas,techniques. Weapons to fight the Shaitan.


Shaytan Exposed. Read this book!


I think Books 3 and 4 cost money. Please buy them if you can.

I myself havent read or finished reading these books and answers.

Remember to make use of the resources. Even if you have to skip work and read through some of the resources, do it as it will be beneficial.

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AssalamuAlaikum brother,

Please remember to ask any further questions you may have.

A good place to get answers is to go to run by Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem.

You can send your question to the Sheikh and inshaAllah he will reply to you within a few days. I did this when I had a question.

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