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How can one easily convince someone to convert to Islam?

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Knowing the self is a way to know Allah. we have a brain which is called also the reason because it always asks the reasons of the things. and first question is who created me and all this universe and second question is to where I am gonna be.. and it will live in distress as long as she do not find the answer.

As when we see a drawing our brain will realize there is an artist who draw it.. so how about the art between the heavens and earth and what in between them including our own self.. what a beauty! if we see a chair then our brain will realize there is a maker for this chair, for sure it is not made by its own.. so how about the creator who bring all being to existence.. Thus there is a maker for this world(including us).. we do not see him but we see his actions.

second level/step: We will not be able to know who is this creator unless this creator tell us about Himself.. and that is what exactly happened. Allah send us a chosen messenger from our kind/human to call us to the truth about Him and us and what is after and everything... so we believed. and there is only three religion that there in them someone claim to be the creator.. Judaism, Christianity and finally Islam.. so Islam if it is a true message from the creator then it is the seal/complete/perfect of them because the creator will not misguide us after guiding us.. and the proof about this is the Quran. Quran is the words of the Creator and you will realize that its author never say I do not know or I can not or may be or I feel or I think or impossible as human says.. you will find in it knowledge of religion and history and science and literature.. past future and present and seen and unseen as all in one package.. no mistake nor contradiction.. but knowledge and wisdom and instruction/manual for the best result for us and our happiness in the two worlds. let him/her read the Quran and judge by him/herself after passing the first step of have certainity(no doubt) that there is a creator. and may Allah guide.. truly it is Him who guide whoever He will to his straight path. wal-hamdou-lellahi Rabb-el 3alameen.

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