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I am belongs to a Christian family and now am in love with a Muslim boy. And i want to convert into Muslim. So i want to know whether it is possible for me to go and meet my parents after my marriage with our child if any? please give me a reply fast..

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Asalaam o alaikum, Ahamdulliah. Sunitha, you can go to your parents , with a muslim child, inshaAllah you have children. I to come from a christian family, I too reverted to Islam. I had a 6 year old child whom reverted to Islam with me. So long as you revert for your own love and desire to be a muslim for finding the truth in what you see. And so long as you up hold your strength as a Muslim when in contact with your parents, there is no harm. As in daily life we come across non Muslims, and have to be on our guard to protect ourselves from temptations and manipulations.

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