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What is the difference? Don't both words indicate that the person is a follower of Muhammad? I have heard that Muhammadin is offensive, is that true, and if it is, why?

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we pray to allah muslim is somone who submits to allah through muhammads guidence we were given the way of worship but it isnt muhammad we pray and worship and by saying muhammadin it sounds like our religion is revolved around muhammad when in truth he is the seal of the prophets and hundreds gave the same message but we give focus to whatthe message was adressing not the person giving the message the merson giving the message was sent as a mercy to us and not as a person we worship we put them in high esteem because they lead billions to the right path but the path is to allah who we put in the highest esteem so remember our religoin revolves around allah and the worship to allah not following muhammad, following muhammad is just the path to worshiping allah

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good job may Allah reward you.thats it in a nut shell

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your rude comment wasent nessicary what happened to being a truth seeker it seems to me like your just here to object our religion and not learn from those who have no idea what im talking about i have already disposed of the comment

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if you read my previous post you would understand but frankly im sure you dont want to understand you think we just belive that we follow muhammad if you knew you would know that we follow the true path and there is only one truth but many lies it just so happens to be that muhammad was on the right path so if you follow muhammad your on the right path and vise versa but our religion isnt about worshipping him you are very ignorent and stubborn and you try to argue and everything we present you you forget it and bring up the argument again we get it you left islam and your not coming back why must you try to get everyone to follow you your the one always preaching about everyone has the right to worship there own way take your own advice for a chance instead you say that even an athiest can go to heaven you preach to us instaed of true non-belivers why is it that every human being on this planet is on the right path in your mind "their own path and pray their own way" exept muslims, you do relize that this is the path we have chosen as you have chosen yours

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quote What is the difference? Don't both words indicate that the person is a follower of Muhammad? I have heard that Muhammadin is offensive, is that true, and if it is then why?

You should first understand what if the difference of calling one as

christiian...after Prophet jesuse christ...while he has not taught that

similar if u say Muhammadan is really offensive ...but it Islam similar Prophet Issa (aleyhi wa salaam) he like prophets before him brought Islam and nothing more than Islam.

Buddhism...after who

Zoroastrian etc

if i may ask why you are so much after Islam?

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You'll Need to STop going Againsr Islam.Just cause Islam teach the right path.and Speak the TRueth,Doest mean you all has to against Islam.Why are you christian so Jalouse of Islam?. Prophet MUHAMMAG SWT was a peace of man he was kind and respectful man.HE as a heart.he cared about people.Stop JUdgeing HIM people he didnt nothing to you'll give him a respect that he desverd.Seriously Islam is the religion of TRueth.Christianity is the religion of preaching DEVIL.LEave MUslim alone people.nonbelievers know you cant never be kind,sweets peaceful has people who are close to Allah.rather then judging other people religion or saying stupid stuff.why dont you Pray to GOd to forgive you and safe you from hellfire.because arguing about what islam shouldnt do this it shouldnt that.Just thing about you on life and sstop trying to make others lives misrable.Why arent you people going against jews or huddism and buddishm.seriously you people didnt see anything else worst on this earth by Islam.You ll are jalouse of islam ,numeber one reason its so peace,second it teach the right path of Allah SWT third it doesnt put nothing before Allah fourth.MUslim are peace ful they doesnt forse people to join in and they dont kill people for not being a muslim.STOP CRITILAIZING ISLAM.YOU LL GOING TO REGRET IT ONE DAY!

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Excuse me, Binta Kone, after spending a lot of time criticizing Christians and saying "Christianity is the religion of preaching DEVIL." You say Christians should pray for forgiveness and keep safe from hellfire. How do you know that Christians don't pray for forgiveness? You constantly talk about how Islam is Peace and a religion of truth. The truth is God is perfect he never lies. The Truth is lying is a sin, no matter what the circumstances. If I am being tortured and I lie to get relief from the torture, the lie is still a sin.

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there is no need to start an argument besides the user hasent logged on for weeks most likely they wont even see this they went a little rampage the one day they used the account calmed down and apologized on one of the answers he posted and never came again

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You end with "MUslim are peaceful they don't force people to join and they don't kill people for not being Muslim". Then you make a threat, "STOP CRITICIZING ISLAM. YOU'LL REGRET IT ONE DAY." Do you mean regret it like Van Gogh,shot then stabbed, According to newspaper reports a note was left calling for a “holy war,” although a government release states that the text consisted merely of quotes from the Koran. Why do Islamic terrorists always quote the Koran if its a peaceful religion? Refer to 9:5-9:18. Christians have no reason to be jealous of Muslims.

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@Athanasius first of all the topic is on muslim-mohammadian so stick to your topic and preferably ask me questions on that cause i wont speak anythng in which i dont have knowledge about. but i can share some things with you

many people are muslim but they actually do not follow our religion fully( like famous hollywood and bollywood stars). some people have their imaan strong and shaytaan couldnt take over these people easily and some people have their imaan weak and are easily influenced by shaytaan. At first shaytaan shows them the wrong way and then it becomes a habit(eg.some have curiousity of drinking alcohol so shaytaan urges them once or twice and then it becomes a habit).

and as far for the terrorists then Allah will put the whole living people to hell if even one innocent person is killed and others dont oppress even i oppress these terrorists and only Allah will deal with these kind of people. they do bomblasts to put terror in the hearts of people but remember brother they are putting terror in the hearts of none others but themselves.may be shaytaan is not influencing them to make mischeif on earth but he must be making them greedy to become famous so they choose these kind of things(bomblasts) to become famous.

and as for the jihad then even telling someone good news or praying to Allah is considered jihaad. and not killing innocent peoples life.

eg if you want to buy your favourite mobile but there are some functions of it that you dont like but you ignore them because there are many functions in it that benefit you and you buy it similarly there are some things that you dont like in islam such as terrorism so ignore it and see the other good things that islam teaches us, prophet mohammad(s.a.w)pbuh teaches us and the holy book quran teaches us and accept it.

remember friend not even one innocent life will go in vain as Allah is going to give them severe punishment who are involved in killing of that particular person.and you cant even imagine that azaab which Allah is going to give them. ask me more and more questions so that you can remove all your confusion and accept islam inshallah .

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this is one of the outstanding feauture of islam that should set any confused mind into liberty,unlike other religion that take their name from peoples name,imagine islam and muhammad(saw),christian nd christ.

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