Oneday shaykh ibn Qayyim asked one of his students, what have you prepared for death? So now I ask the same question?

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@abyadgirl, inshallah, I will finish the conversation between the shaykh and his student, so we can grasp the wisdom. When asked this question the student replyed: La illaha illah. The shaykh replyed:This is not enough and this has conditions. La iilaha illalah is the key that fits the gate of paradise, but it is the acts of ebadah that makes the ridges on the key which turns the locks. Sister all you have said you are doing are the acts which makes the ridges and it will be by Allah's mercy that the door will open. May Allah azza wal jall guide you and your family to the ultimate success. My advice is for you to keep up with what you are doing, for now we know that shahadah is only the key our works will inshallah be the ridges that we need to turn the key. BEG FOR ALLAH'S MERCY. Salaam

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Thankyou Yaqin, inshaAllah, I am able to say shahadah when I die. I think about this a lot, as i pray for a good death. This subject should be more prominent on peoples minds. As I say, life is a preparation for death. There is no to ways about it.

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Yaqin, this is a good question. I am ongoing, with paying debts off, ( no interests inccured, thank Allah for that ) making good ties with all family members, leaving a legacy behind, i.e good works, many gardens and trees planted, caring for animals, well cats ! The raising of a good child into manhood, has been a task. But Ahamdulliah, my son is on the deen. Giving gifts to my grandchildren, as and when i can, and i love to kiss them on the forehead, as Muhammad ,pbuh, used to do. I have a general will yet to make, but i really dont have any possessions and at this moment in time no money to leave, as I try to remain penniless by the night time. Apart from all this I am not fortunate to do much else. InshaAllah my preparations are well and truly on the way. Tell me Yaqin, is there any thing else I should be doing ??

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