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Dear Brother's & Sister's

Pls. tell me as per Islam which is the way for the husband & wife who is facing this problem. Boy & Girl did nikah without parents permission then after 2 years they revealed everything.

But in that 2 years of time boy wasnt with her he went to middle ast & she was studying in some institute where she got the proposal from her faculty who is double older then her age.

Shame.. on that faculty and his character.

Then started sexual relationship and plus point of faculty is he is a owner of schools

then she was maintaining sexual relationship with person with husband & her faculty bastard. she got pregnant by faculty & er husband caught her by seeing her sms.

Husband don't want 2 trust on her any more

so for this type of girls & school college's faculty's teachers who have 2 teach good things to a students they are making sexual relationship with students is that correct? what we have to do with them...

pls. tell me as per ISLAM what we have to do with the girl which is too smart & tell me about that bastard Faculty who is using many students like this......

and it's not heart make story it's happened in India Hyderabad (Chanchalguda Area School) My Aim is not to give any bad name to schools but my AIM is just aware to the parents brothers sisters & to my elders just alert and be care full.

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Sex before marriage is not permitted. Its called Zina. So they should be spoken to and this issue has to be resolved inshallah. If your talking about your self, save your self from the fire, cut all the ties with all those involved and repent sincerely to allah. He is most merciful. Don't ever repeat it and he will forgive you inshallah. What I have said wrong was not intentional and allah knows best.

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I am talking about wife who cheated on his husband who already married with someone but not widah to boy house because it was parent without permission nikah. And she made sexual relationship with other man who not in nikah. After husband came back & she widah to his home but again she not stop maintaining her boy friend in side for sexual relationship with husband also same. for this type of wifes/girls & teachers(facultys) what we have to? those who did or doing like this sins what is best way to do with them as per ISLAM?

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