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Assalamu alaikum... I want to know that wether i had rights to talk to my before getting married.. My frnds and my relatives talked to their wives before getting married. But i want to know the rules of our religion. So can u give me the informations about it ? Is it haram or not.. I was confused.

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Obviously YES ... how will he even know how to plan the wedding in the first place, what the women is looking for their plans..?

Don't talk about sleeping with her, or what your going to do with her on your honeymoon. Talk with objectivity directly related to business (marriage) and how she is in her religion, how good of a mother she will be for your future children inshallah. ... etc

Ask the parents the permission before anything because she is not yours yet.

May allah help you and what I said wrong is not intentional and allah knows best.

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Zakallh hair..

(Oct 26 '13 at 11:59) Mohamed bilal Mohamed%20bilal's gravatar image
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