Iam sameer, Iam feeling dullpain in testis from past few days. i checked through doctor, he said said thing is fine pain is bcoz of some infection and prescribed some medicine course, but i didnt get releif form pain. i even checked some other doctors but still no use....somebody said like u have became a victim of blackmagic. actually people says the home we are living is not according Terminology like though i was not beliving in it. but iam getting thoughts of like that. even my father is unhealthy from past few years....so if its blackmagic or terminology or anyother how to get away form it. is there any powerful duas to make our lives beautiful. i use to go for namaz also.(could not manage for 5 times atleast 3 to times).

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Do not even get close to it. If you acknowledge its somewhere, turn your back and run the other direction. Its extremely dangerous and NOT a joke.

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Read a of quran ex; ayah allkursi it protects from the unseen. Many duahs that are also available, ... like when you enter the room when you enter the washroom, when you go to sleep etc...

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Smeer, on page 2 of queations, there is a question called, how to get rid of black magic. Also there is an Imam, offering help and guidence called Fasil,on another question, will find it for you, or you may find it to. InshaAllah you will find solace and peace of mind in what you seek, and the help at hand.

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Q--does any need ruqya treatment

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