are dawoodi bohra right? i mean i am a true bohri but sometimes ny friends say your religion is wrong like what you believe is wrong! you are not following islam can any muslim expert?tell me what we do wrong taking in consideration quran and prophet!

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The only truth is the quran and the best guidance is the way of the prophet Muhammed peace be upon him.

The quran was revealed to Muhammed pbh and no one else. The prophet wormed us against people going astray. Look at makkah. It follows the way of the prophete since he passed away. The imam's all pray and act according to the quran and the sunnah .. Shia ,, salafia, ahmadia's these are all division of the path of the prophet who are leading us astray.

These different sect don't make any sense since in the quran who has never change allah tells us from his own words that Muhammad is the prophet, yet you find them doing what the prophet did not do. They dance, they hit tem selves with knives like animals... people need to understand they can't accept the quran and neglect the sunnah. The sunnah is the way of the prophet= the best man who walked this earth. If you believe in the quran truly, then you must believe in the sunnah (that Muhammed was the prophet). LOOK AT MAKKAH ! ITS THE ORIGINAL SOURCE... HOW DO THEY PRAY? WHAT DO THE IMAMS OF HARRAM FOLLOW = THEY FOLLOW THE SUNNAH AND THE QURAN.

What I said wrong allah knows best. May allah guide you me and everyone.

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but can you what is wrong we do?bohris which differ us from islam allah is great!!!

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Ask your self if the messanger of allah did it? because he did what allah told him to do. Am I allowed to dance every friday around a fire and sing to allah? ...

DO NOT follow things that people have innovated it leads astray. AND WHAT LEADS ASTRAY IS IN THE FIRE!

'' The Dawoodi Bohra trace their belief system back to Yemen, where it evolved from the Fatimid Caliphate and where they were persecuted due to their differences from mainstream Sunni Islam and Zaydi Shia Islam. Around 1530 CE, the Dawat was relocated to India.''

is this an innovation ... ^ you tell me?

Who are we to make things up and play with the commands of allah. You believe in allah? = then you believe in his book (quran) and you believe in his messenger Muhammed. Di he do these things that are innovation after him ? no some guy decide to do it and millions follow. This is immorality, self destructive and leading astray. Follow the path of the prophet peace be upon him.

What I said wrong allah knows best. May allah guide you me and everyone.

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