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What would you like to know about islam? Maybe I can answer few questions according to the quran and the sunnah by the grace of allah the most merciful.

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i got dozens of questions. and every answer may lead to more questions. but if you want to continue your history lesson, who was yazid I? which then leads to the question of the battle of karbala, and on it goes. history is fun.

but my question is much more simple. you mention the koran and sunnah and that is what it pertains to. in the koran it clearly state (one of the few times it is actually clear) 2:256 "let there be no complusion in matters of faith." yet i was reading bukhari yeasterday and it said three people should be put to death, the murderer, the adulterer and the APOSTATE. ???

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Great question mike, I also seen your answer to the brother on the salams, great work, Yazid hmmmm, this whole topic weighs heavy on my heart. Mike you keep on this site I can tell it is paying off. Steel sharpens steel, remember that. Lol. Salaam

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of course i remember. in fact i was about to break that out on the jephthah's daughter question. but didn't want to seem like i was rushing you. that link i PMed you was just beacuse i had it copied. not that i was expecting an answer that quickly. i'm a fairly patient person.

anyway, what say you at the appearent contradiction between the koran and the hadith mentioned. plus i'm sure you know the three relavant hsadiths in the 84th book of bukhari, dealing with apostates. or at least that is the way it is numbered on did you see the rap video? no contraditions he claims,

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I tried to get to that link mike but it's not working for me are you sure you gave me the correct link? I'm not going to comment on the other questions that is for the brother to deal with. Yes I seen the video and it was good. Send me that link now so I can answer your question inshallah. I'm waiting. Salaam

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you are right. i am learning alot here. ty, i had never heard of the calamity of thursday. didn't know the fetus doesn't have a soul until 120 days. angels are scared of photos, dogs i knew. there's more but my recall isn't what it should be right now, i'm a bit drunk. anyway, you have a good sunday, you know what that means. it's the lords's day, jk, it means football.

tell a_girl not to let a shaytan like me beat her down. she knows the story of moses and al-kihdr. she should understand sometimes allah puts a hole in a boat for a reason beyond imidiate perception. whoa. peace out!

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What's up with the link?

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i think on the community page links aren't active. you have to copy and paste them into your address bar. but here is the biblical story that appears to have allah accepting the sacrifice of an innocent life.

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What is is the year of jamat and what role does it have in islam today?

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Jamaat-e-Islami may refer to : Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, an Islamist organization based in Pakistan you need to be more specific.

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My question is specific, what you have said is not what I'm talking about. The year of jamat is the year of congruity now explain to me what that is and the affects it has on the ummah today?

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Praise be to Allah, the Lord of Creations, and Peace and blessings be upon our prophet Muhammad, the faithful and the honest. Oh, Allah, we know nothing but what You teach us. You are the All- Knower, the Wise. Oh Allah, teach us what is good for us, and benefit us from what You taught us, and increase our knowledge. Show us the righteous things as righteous and help us to do them, and show us the bad things as bad and help us to keep away from them. O Allah our Lord, lead us out from the depths of darkness and illusion, unto the lights of erudition and knowledge, and from the muddy shallows of lusts unto the heavens of Your Vicinity. In Allah’s Book, the Holy Quran, there are different kinds of miracles: rhetoric, mathematical, legislative, informative, …etc. But in this article, we will talk about the remarkable numerical congruity in the Holy Quran. For example, the word “Barr”(land) is mentioned 13 times , while the word “Bahr” (sea) 33 times , taking into consideration that Allah’s Messenger, (PBUH), never saw the sea or was at all concerned about it. Now, if we add up the times the word “Barr” (land) is mentioned and the times the word “Bahr” (sea) is mentioned, the total number is 46 Verses. If we divide the number of the times the word “Barr” (land) is mentioned by the total number of both land and sea words, i.e. 33/46, we get the same actual percentage of land and sea on the surface of the earth. This percentage is 71% sea and 29% land. In other words, percentage of the occurrence of the word “land” and the word “sea” in the Holy Quran is exactly the same as it is in reality. Is the Holy Quran the words of a human being? That is impossible! It is certainly Allah’s Divine Book! The percentage of the occurrence of the “land” words to the “sea” ones in the Holy Quran is in absolute conformity with the real percentage of the land to the sea on the earth’s surface: 29% land and 71% sea. This kind of numerical miracle, which religious scholars sometimes call “Mathematical Accuracy of the Holy Quran” provides crystal clear evidence that the Holy Quran is definitely and certainly Allah’s Divine Book. Also, the word “Shahr” (month) is mentioned only 12 times in the Holy Quran. Is this a mere coincidence?! Are these the words of a human being? Absolutely not! By the way, the more developed science becomes, the more new miracles scientists discover in the Holy Quran. In fact, the foregoing facts provide crystal clear evidence that the Holy Quran is, beyond a shadow of doubt, Allah’s Divine Book; and Allah’s Words are by no means matched by any human words, just Allah, All Mighty, is Unique and Absolutely Unmatchable by any of His creatures. Yes, indeed! The Holy Quran is Allah’s Book! It is the Book that Allah, All Mighty, enjoined on all mankind; and He, All Mighty, will certainly question us all about it. Happy and prosperous are those who learn it and apply its rules and enjoinments! Happy and prosperous are those who teach it and explain its meanings, rules and laws to other fellow humans! Happy and prosperous are those who commit themselves to its bidding and forbidding! Happy and prosperous are those who adopt it as their constitution! Happy and prosperous are those who believe in it and abide by its rules and enjoinments! It is, indeed, Allah’s indispensable Divine Book, which guarantees happiness and prosperity in the life of this world and the world to come. Yes, indeed! We must stick to Allah’s Book, the Holy Quran, because it is the first and foremost source of Allah’s Religion of Islamic Monotheism. To this effect, Allah, All Mighty, says, “Verily, this Quran guides to that which is more just and right.”

[XVII; 9]

He, Glory to Him, says, “Then, whoever follows My Guidance shall neither go astray nor shall be distressed.”

[XX; 124]

He, Praise to Him, also says, “And whoever follows My Guidance: there shall be no fear on them nor shall they grieve.”

[II; 38]

Undoubtedly, Quranic miracles are unlimited and innumerable; and the foregoing examples are only a few.

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I don't know why you posted this but it is not the answer, may Allah reward you for the reminder though.salaam

(Oct 26 '13 at 23:54) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

And what answer where you expecting? ... you seem to know the answer? if so please tell me as it is required to love for your brother what you love for you self. In the name of allah, the prophet has warned us that we will not believe until we do so. So please correct me if i'm wrong. Jazakumullaha khrairan !

(Oct 26 '13 at 23:57) Abas1204 Abas1204's gravatar image

Beloved brother, in 661ce Ali ibn Talib was marytered this put the camp of Ali and the camp of Muawiyyah at odds. There was still some hostility between the two because of the war of the Camel. Hasan ibn Ali was put to head the forces of his father against the forces of Muawiyyah. To make a long story short, Al hamdulilah they came to a peaceful agreement and muawiyyah became the khalfah and this years was called the year of congregation or congruity. Now you please tell me the affects this agreement has on this ancient agreement? Salaam

(Oct 27 '13 at 00:50) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

Why would I make a research on this wen it seems you know the answer lol? ... Wallahi i'm not familiar with this. If you like to tell me I would appreciate as we all learn by the grace of allah somewhere. But I'm interested in knowing about this subject, if you can answer your own question with quotes and references based on the quran and sunnah I would only make me love you more. Thank you - may allah bless you.

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Beloved this subject is history for the history of islam is important also for it teaches either what to do or not to do. Yes I asked a question that I knew the answer to, my reason for doing so is for you to research for the answer, Ma'shallah, how this agreement affects this ummah now is the conflict between Sunni and Shia Astaghfirlah, it saddens my heart to think of this, the murder of Hasan and the muslims that are murdered to day by Muslims. This sect fighting has tore this ummah apart. So yes beloved learn about this and make dua for the Muslims worldwide. I just gave you the surface.

(Oct 27 '13 at 01:41) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

Thank you. May allah bless you and the entire ummah of islam what ever they split into and may allah guide the hole world. I obviously did not know of this, we sunni respect Hassan, Hussein or all guided one's. Its sad that muslims killed each-other. An open dialogue is the best way to intellectually reason. As a matter of fact, the killing of any innocent is not acceptable and obviously as muslims we condemn it. But when some people are corrupt and they brake our image it results in a negative impact on all of us. But i definitely want to know more about this... Jazakumullaha khairan !

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May Allah guide you beloved, hold firm to the rope of Allah azza wal jall, and beg for Allah's mercy for the ummah of Khatum nabbiyeen, seal of the prophets saws. Salaam

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Brother Yaqin, you are the teacher for many of us as your questions prompt research and depth of knowledge which can be acquired only over a period of time as one studies, questions and makes connections.

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What texts and websites in particular would you recommend for one to read and refer to in order to get the correct information about Islam and its history. It seems so many articles are coming from secular branches of Islam that, unless knows the history really well, one can be lead towards misguideance. May Allah SWT reward you fo one r the haqq which you disseminate and bring to us in orde to enlighten. Sallaam.

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I agree wallahi brother you are knowledgeable and I respect you (Yaqin). Forgive me if I said anything that offended you. May allah reword you.

(Oct 27 '13 at 02:18) Abas1204 Abas1204's gravatar image

@stronghold your question is interesting for the way I learned islam from my Abu is to first understand that whoever or whatever goes against the quran and authenticated sunnah must be rejected no matter who it is or where it comes from. So many today would not do so because of their loyalty to a particular shaykh or mufti. This attitude is taqleed blind following is haram in the deen. So to answer question, brother I study everything I can. I stay away from the internet for in my own study I found plenty errors on supposedly islamic sites. I just pointed out some to Mike the otherday.

(Oct 27 '13 at 02:25) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

I pray my advice helps you, the method is simple, if ot coincides accept it no matter from where it comes and if it does not reject it applying the same rules. Salaam

(Oct 27 '13 at 02:37) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

@Abas1204 beloved you said nothing to offend me your islamic vigor I welcome with open arms. You and brothers like stronghold and inclined2truth to name a few keeps me coming to this site to read yall post and learn As my brother Paulus always say we learn from eachother This is the facts, even if we have to go through a long debate we do so in an islamic way and in the end by the Rahma of Allah azza wal jall we come to an islamic understanding of what the haqq is. For this I'm thankful. Tell you a secret brother inshallah if I ask I know. I do that so we can research this makes iman strong.

(Oct 27 '13 at 02:52) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

Brother, thank you for your response, you are ever so ready to answer questions when you hear the call of a brother in Islam and beyond. Jazzaka Allahu Khairan

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