so sad im totally lost I just feel like disappearing I have family problems my brother got involved with drugs my family is going through financial problems and the only person aside from god that could give me some happiness is also leaving me sad I pray namaz I feel good but and then the problems comes to my mind again I feel lost please what can I do?is there any dua or namaz that I can pray?make dua please

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Wa alaikum wasalam.. Dont wory may allah will help u always by standing beside u.. Read soora mujjamil at every magrib after salath. Pray nafil as much as u can. Becoz it can bring u close to ALLAH S.WT Ask dua as much as u can. Duas are the powerful weapons that had an ability to change our fate. So belive in ALLAH always. Ask him. Cry to him. Say ur problem to him with true iman. May allah will save you from your problem..

(Oct 27 '13 at 07:04) Mohamed bilal Mohamed%20bilal's gravatar image

Just don't think about these things, get on with life,and you have to CHOOSE to be happy, don't wait for things to come to you and you HAVE TO have a goal in life. Trust me, these things are not just typical sayings. They're there for a reason. And keep on praying and remembering Allah. Salam.

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WA 3alaykum Asalaam. Remember when any good befalls us we say alhamdulillah , and when any misfortune befalls us we say... ALHAMDULILLAH. Hold on tight to the rope of Allah. And know he is allahu Alim. Knower of all. Salam

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