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assalam a'likum... It is really important 4 me to know (Is the niqap (the face cover) fard or sunnah? Is it optional to wear or not? And why?).

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it is not obligory to were the niqab there was a hadeeth that said that when the verses came down to cover abu bakr told his daughter asma that after the age of puberty it isnt proper to show oneself exept here and here pointing to her face and hands this proves that one must cover there feet and may show there hands and face also many hadeeths indicate that men should lower their gaze when approching an area with women what would be the need of lowering ones gaze if their whole entire body is covered

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according to Şafi,women must cover their all,face too. according to Hanefi,face must be covered in cabal time.Cilbab does this trick appropriately.besides,person who wants can use niqap.

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You can buy it here.

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