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my friend wants to marry again, but his wife says she wil leave him if does so. kindly advise

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One should know when it comes to this sort of issue of marriage the wife has no say in it as it is Allah who gave the man a permission to marry up to 4 wife's and should be seen as a religious duties and am sure if the wife was alone with no husband she would want to marry even if he has another wife.

He should talk to her and explain to her and if she still saying no and she is threatening with divorce she should fear Allah as she is going against Allah and His command and the divorce she is threatening with is void and unlawful absolutely Haram and injustice done to the husband.

If he wants to save this marriage then he can marry another wife without her knowing about it as we said the wife has no say in it and has got nothing to do with the new marriage and can marry without her knowledge about it. Allah knows best

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arabic please translate.

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