I was born into a Muslim family, I am originally from Northern Iraqi Kurdistan. As you can see from the title I would like to know where my last name "Shawkat" came from. I have asked several of my Muslim friends but they do not know. I myself am a Atheist, and am just intrigued at where the name came from.

Thank you

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Maybe try an Islamic name website.

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This question need to be answer if you can plz

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Bibi shokron for your effort to answer him. The reason I didn't is because we don't answer questions on names or dreams. Just an FYI sis. Salaam

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Meaning of Shaukat : Power,dignity

Shaukat Name Origin Arabic Gender male

Site: http://www.babynology.com/meaning-shaukat-m3.html

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Thank you, for you're answer.

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