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I recall Muhammad P.b.u.h. coming from a tribe of merchants and gold miners. During his life, he was in many battles, and wars for example in Karbala. How can one say Islam is a religion of peace, When Muhammad spread Islam to people by the sword.

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When you come up with a real question I'll answer it Insha Allah.

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This is a legitimate question.

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who edited my question? This website is an abomination. Islam is not the religion of the world, it is just a religion, you are worse then Christians when it comes to forcing religion on others.

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Sister\brother if your question has been answered can you delete the post please. Thanks

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la7, pray for me to delete it.

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@kurdikurdistan, beloved there is no reason for your blatant disrespect, I beg you to have more manners, from your statement it is clear that you are not muslim and still we welcome you to express here amongst us muslims in our forum. That in itself is showing you respect. I appeal to your since of good character and I ask that you begin to display it while you are here on this forum. Salaam

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I was disrespected when my Question was edited by someone else. I do not appreciate it, I just want it known. Thank you for you're display of kindness. MaSalama

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Understood beloved

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Sister/brother I ask u to delete the post if your question being answer because other user need answer for their question too and if you leave ur post like this then everyone will take part in ur question by answering ur question and leave Ing other question tone side. Salam

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I thank you for taking your time and energy on trying to answer my questions and concerns.

I have read all that you wrote , and this is what I have to say :

Women and men are different, looks different and thinks different . But this does not mean that one is smarter than the other, are you smarter by the way Just because our little brain looks in a different way so it does not mean you 're smarter . Try all you want , I think this way and will always do it until that day I meet God.

Then we say like if you claim that you are smarter, more intelligent why men perform terrible acts and therefore waives the woman and do this.

I think this has to do with how the child is brought may , because I remember when I was really small so my parents used to say that you're just a girl, you must take care of the home, he is a boy he can

do what he wants, boys do not cry , but the girls get to cry .. and in this way grow up boy and girl , and they carry with them ... for it is the parents who teach their children what is wrong and what

is wrong. .. I go to a school where most of them Swedes it is a quiet school, you learn something, but when I went past a school where most of them were immigrants, troublesome pupils, terribly hard, it was In this country get most of them Swedes high 3 children and they teach their children what is right and wrong .. but when you acquire a hundred children, then surely it is impossible to learn all these children what is right and wrong.

I never said that Islam oppresses women, but Muslims oppress their wives as simple as that ... and I stand by what I say ... it's what I've seen with my own eyes ..

I've seen a lot with my own eyes and there are not many who think this way as I do I get disappointed when I see stuff like that, that the mother takes care of the kid rips struggling doing everything , like why I would never bring in children to this cruel world , what is man not when it is the mother who does everything for the baby and when the father is not involved , as well as the unwanted child that is just what I see ... horrible

I'm not bitter , I'm just tired of hearing that men think they know better than the woman and looks down on the woman

I do not care what happens , I know who I am and I know what I 'm talking about...I'm the kind of person just because my religion says something, I do not follow, I must know why it is so .. I'm curious ... need to find an explanation

I'm not a bit afraid, I have treated men like crap and I'm enjoying it .. It would never happen me something like that because I was a step ahead and I will never get married. It feels good as it is . I will die like this. I'm young but I'm smarter than most of my age and those who are older than me ...

I know that I am right in what I say

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@Meriam you have valid point when you stated that muslim men oppress their wives and they use the ayah the sister sadie posted on the topic is men superior to women I beg you to read this topic and give me your insight. Salaam

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@meriam, how do you know that you are right in what you say, where is your wisdom? where is your proof ? As you say , you are the only one that thinks like this. Is this not normal? Do you fear Allah? I think what you have witnessed in your life has had a dramatic affect on you, but what has been said here to you, you are not adhering to ,or just can not see clearly, as your mind is full of it!! that is corruption. You need to find good wholesome people and listen to quran, hadiths, and make plenty duas. What more proof can any one ask for? You have it all here.

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What I say is what I have seen with my own eyes, I think I'm the only one who thinks like this because I see that women accept and be treated in this appalling manner.

Their selection .

I'm not talking shit, but what I say is stuff that I have analyzed , followed , but have no experience, that I would never allow and be so stupid

(Nov 01 '13 at 03:10) Meriam Meriam's gravatar image


Hmm .. how are you accusing me that I have turned my back on Islam, if you say so to get the stand for this until doomsday. I'm just saying you have no idea and do not jump to conclusions, and that's what you do now.

I know that I am right and you are bothering you about what I say or think so fine your problem your choice.

I am thankful that I do not live in a Muslim country because they would surely kill me. Thank God.

Feel free to blame because I am surrounded by bad people etc etc.. But I know what I'm talking about.

(Nov 01 '13 at 08:42) Meriam Meriam's gravatar image


I'm curious as a person, always want to know the truth. Hate injustice, love justice. Take a look at yourself and the world you will see a beautiful day what I'm talking about. But I'm glad I'm not one of them!

(Nov 01 '13 at 08:43) Meriam Meriam's gravatar image


I have had a great childhood, I have a good life but has grown tired of seeing these disgusting women men , I 'm not saying I'm superior , but I am honest and tell it like it is whether you like it or dislike

I use my wisdom and it is this that makes me think that I do, but you may not understand because you live in hell, who knows, saying that you do not see or understand what I say or feel, that's how it is when you are blind to the truth

Not only my sister , but I 've seen a lot ... this is proof that I'm smarter than these women and men

My sister's husband treats her like nothing , you know what it is like that happens / happened to you who knows ... but for me this is horrible that you can not see this and do not see what I see .... the only thing I see is a depressed , tired woman and unwanted children that's what I see , believe it or not .. tHIS IS THE FACTS , I say that it is.

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Asalaam, my dear sister, Meriam, It is a shame you have turned your back on Islam, and see the world in a tainted manner. Maybe you are living in an enclosed environment, and have never traveled to see more than the village or city that you live in. Maybe the people you are surrounded by are of not the best example.My dear you are disillusioned into thinking you are smart and know it all, and that you have seen it all. I still sense great anguish and a lost soul, that you seem is ok to corrupt even further.Your proof is very limited, for many reasons.May Allah have mercy on your soul.

(Nov 01 '13 at 05:04) abyadgirl abyadgirl's gravatar image

You explain from a psychologist's perspective, just because our little brain looks a little different does not mean that men are generally smarter than women.

Men are smart in one way and the woman is smart in a method of another way. We act different, we look different

If you were smart you claim as the world had never looked as it does today ... unfortunately I am saying that it is whether you like or not

(Nov 01 '13 at 08:04) Meriam Meriam's gravatar image

@meriam, you seem to have this obsession of thinking you are right, and please, get off your high horse, and think about the arrogance you are displaying. I say this with good intentions. I too am a person of justice and truth, thats why i became Muslim. Remmember, not all muslims are good, and you must focus on the good muslims. Why waste your time worrying over other peoples faults when your own are more important. The state of your iman is at stake too.You ask for explanations and answers and you are curious, then have an open heart and mind and take on board that the whole world is not bad

(Nov 01 '13 at 11:19) abyadgirl abyadgirl's gravatar image

Believe what you want. I stand what I say. I am neither arrogant or haughty.

It's good that you became a Muslim because Islam is the true religion.

If you want to be blind go ahead and be one. But I'm not blind, my iman bad for saying that it is, what is wrong with you. How you act and react makes me a bad mood.

This has nothing to do with bad Muslims do, but generally how men behave towards their wives, whether they are Muslims or not, that's why I brought this up. I do not care how others are treated, but I was just curious.


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As I said EARLIER , Islam is a perfect religion but Muslims are not perfect and especially men are not smart and do not use Their common sense , we can sit here and discuss this in how many hours of time , I would never accept That a man is smarter than I am .

Feeling humiliated When you say That , as I know this is not true ...

The only thing I see in you is ( though not all ) wars , rape , assault , etc., everything is terrible as we see in this world , it is you who have accomplished , not the woman

Thank you for your response and for taking your time and energy on this.

I will ALWAYS think so until the day I meet my God.

I do not understand WHY you claim that I have said that I feel offended because of Islam. I never said that, but I feel offended that men think they know best and that they are smart in general. I will never accept over my dead body

I'm not a bit afraid. I know what I do I know what I'm talking about, I would never sink so low that a man treat me this way. I have treated men like crap. But no one can not even think of treating me like most women are treated in the 2000's, because I'm not that stupid.

You may think that you do, you're smarter than the woman oh let me think that no one is smarter than the other, what sounds more logical, well that none of us is smarter than the other's as simple as that!

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Alhamdulillah you say Islam is a true religion and I testify to your statement.

The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam said “Any one who says: ‘There is no God but Allah’ and dies holding that (belief) will enter paradise.” I pray you will be one of them.

(Nov 03 '13 at 05:30) UmarAbdullah ♦ UmarAbdullah's gravatar image

I advise you sister to fear Allah as even Muslims may enter the hellfire first before entering paradise.

I advise you to pray your 5 daily prayers, to fast the month of Ramadan, to give the zakah that Allah has made obligatory upon you, and to go to Hajj if you can.

Remember this life is a test, and you will be brought to Allah and you will be questioned by your Lord.

(Nov 03 '13 at 05:33) UmarAbdullah ♦ UmarAbdullah's gravatar image

I may not fear ALLAH as I should, I know I'm a bad person. But I stand for what I believe.

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This question need to be delete it because it is to subjective and argumentative.

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