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would you please tell me about Shia?

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they are a group of muslims who aren't truly muslims. They maxmizie Ali (radia allah anh) so much. They even say‏ that he must have been the calipha after rasullallah death. They think that allah sent ali. They detest abu bakr, omar, ayesha, saad bin abi waqas, hafsa, osman, abu ubaida, abd al rahman bin a'of, talha bin obaid allah, abu huraira,....(radia allah anhum ajmaeen). They think that ali, fatima, al hasan and al hussain are infallible from mistakes. They don't avoid mutaa( to have a woman for a period). When they have troubles, they call" oh Ali" not "oh Allah". After all, they are a stray group we have to avoid and ask Allah to show them the right way

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asalaam aleykum

I can say something about these ...

is simple as We are all stressing for the best of Ummah None dare say that Islam is not a religion of Allah BUT what amazes me is why do other sects kills shias and not only that say bad things about them? These are the people who cooks hatrage we should take care~~~Asalaam Aleykum~~


"LLAH Sayahkum Yowm Kiyama"

Wa alaa Niyatuku Turazakuun

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AssalamuAlaikum dear Brother/Sister. May Allah reward you for searching for the truth and guide you and me to the straight path. Ameen.

Please take your time to read the following:


For a website where you can get more authentic answers from real scholars about Islam, remember to visit

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