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Who are the Shia / Shi'aa?

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they are a group of people who say they are muslims but commmit shirk and state many wrong things about Islam.

They maxmizie Ali (radia allah anh) so much.

They even say‏ that he must have been the calipha after rasullallah death.

They think that Allah sent Ali.

They detest the companions (PBUT) abu bakr, omar, ayesha, saad bin abi waqas, hafsa, osman, abu ubaida, abd al rahman bin a'of, talha bin obaid allah, abu huraira,....(radia allah anhum ajmaeen).

They think that ali, fatima, al hasan and al hussain are infallible from mistakes.

They don't avoid mutaa( to have a woman for a period under marriage).

When they have troubles, they call" oh Ali" not "oh Allah".

After all, they are a stray group we have to avoid and ask Allah to show them the right way

These are just a few examples...

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