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when Isa alleheisalam comes down it will all be clear :)

Yes sister,

But Are we ready for him?

what arrangements have we made?

and what signs will make individual understands that He Is !

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when Isa alleheisalam comes down it will all be clear :)

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(33:1) O Prophet, 1** fear Allah and do not obey the unbelievers and the hypocrites. Verily Allah is All-Knowing, Most Wise. 2 (33:2) Follow that which is revealed to you from your Lord. Verily Allah is fully aware of all that you do. 3*

:::: it means

*1 As we have mentioned in the introduction to the Surah, these verses were sent down at a time when Hadrat Zaid had already divorced Hadrat Zainab. , Then the Holy Prophet himself was feeling, and Allah also had inspired him with this, that that was the right time

for striking at the root of the tradition and customs of ignorance regarding the adopted relations

, and that he should take the initiative and marry the divorced wife of his adopted son (Zaid) so that the custom was completely eradicated.

But the reason why he was hesitant in this regard was the fear that this would provide a strong excuse to the disbelievers and the hypocrites; who were already burning with jealousy at his successive victories, to start a propaganda campaign against him. This fear was not due to any apprehension for personal defamation, but for the reason that it would harm Islam; it would cause mistrust of Islam among the people who were inclined towards it; it would make the neutral people to join the enemy; and it would cause the weak-minded people among the Muslims themselves to be involved in doubts and suspicions.

Therefore, the Holy Prophet thought it was unwise to take a step for the eradication of a custom of ignorance, which would harm the greater interests and objectives of Islam.

*2 In the first very sentence, in the beginning of the discourse,

AIlah removed all the apprehensions of the Holy Prophet, as if to say:

"We know better what is useful and beneficial for ow Religion and what is not. We know what would be wise and what unwise in this regard. Therefore, you should not behave in a manner which would suit the disbelievers and the hypocrites, but you should behave in a manner which is according to Our W ill. You should fear Us and not the disbelievers and the hypocrites."

*3 This sentence is addressed to the Holy Prophet

as well as to the Muslims and the opponents of Islam. It means :

"If the Prophet earns defamation by acting according to the Command of Allah, and bears patiently the attacks of the enemy on his honour, his devoted and sincere services will not remain hidden from Allah. .

The state of the Muslims who remain steadfast in their loyalty to the Prophet

and of those who are involved in doubts and suspicions will be known to Allah.

And AIlah will also not remain unaware of the attempts of the disbelievers and the hypocrites who try to defame the Prophet."

:::Asalaam aleykum my dear brother if you are 'shia'

and wish to express what u understood from the above 2 verses

Then please relay to us how that sect understood and teach the followers; for sure Shia I studied for 6years and I appreciate their affords but i decided to be Muslim > Milat Ibrahiim wa makana mina Lmushrikiin


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i'm not shia!

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my intentions are clear "i respect Shia" and all religions......And whish any would come with the teachings so we can learn and be LEARNED. Bi Idhn LLAH

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