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Assalamualikum.I'm 18yrs old the age of 13 or 14 i was touch a female,her body.but didnt sex.but on this time i didnt know about punishment of how allah forgive me?in accordance with sura mayeda:3 how will be my wife?can't i get married a mumin women?ans plz

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Yes, brother you can get married to a Muslim women. Please see for more details

The Prophet (sallallahu alaii wasallam) encouraged to get married so hasten to do that. Find a good/righteous Muslim spouse. If you cannot marry then do nafl/sunnah fast (roja/sawm).

Know that Allah is the Most Forgiving and the Most Merciful. Allah also loves to forgive His slaves.

The Prophet Muhammad said: Allah is more joyful at the repentance of someone when he turns to Him in repentance than one of you would be if he were riding his camel in the wilderness, and it runs away from him, carrying his food and drink, so that he loses all hope of getting it back. He comes to a tree and lies down in its shade (awaiting death), for he has lost all hope of finding his camel. Then, while he is in that state (of desperation), suddenly it is there before him! So he seizes its halter and cries out from the depth of his joy, “O Allah, You are my servant and I am Your Lord!” His mistake comes from the intensity of his joy.

Will Allah forgive you? yes, inshaAllah. Dont you know Allah is the Most Forgiving?

Repent to Allah sincerely.

Repent to Allah. Seek His Forgiveness.

Repent to Allah and make a commitment to never do the sin again.

Please read this book,_But

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The answer of my brother above is completely correct.

In simple words, Allah forgives any sin made if you did not know as long you will not repeat it and ask Allah for repentance.

The only sin that Allah will never forgive is Shirk, the belief that Allah isn't the only deity.

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