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Assalamualaikum Wa Rahamatullahi Wa Barkatahu

Kindly let us know whether "Amway business - Is it halal or haram"? Of late I and few of my relatives are receiving proposals to join this business ( ; ). Kindly verify and give us your views/ comments.

Jazak-Allah Qhair

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wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakhtu.

Amway is Halal because many of their products have been certified as halal and it IS available in several countries in the Middle East, including Saudia Arabia, And over 100 countries total. It's easy to research and verify their authenticity. There are possible losses in profit, and you only make commission off others in your group if you are meeting your own standards and goals, keeping it halal. It's much like a community cooperation effort within the group to keep everyone doing well. Check out the products for yourself. I am Muslim and this is my website through Amway, I'm more than happy to answer your questions or concerns And expedite anything you may want or need! . JazakAllah khairan brothers and sisters!

fe iman Allah,

sister Dakota

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Dear brothers and sisters,

A business is considered to be legitimate, if it involves profit and loss. At first i am not seeing the possibility of loss in this business. more over in MLM case, over the period you will get commission for the turn over which was created by your team members also, that means you haven't directly involved in that transaction but still you get money out of the turn over, this particular aspect is considered haram.. this is not my opinion but the opinions of most islamic countries. Question yourself why amway has not entered in middle east and arabian countries.??

if you get money out of it you will always see reasons to claim it as legitimate. But that's not the truth.

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Dear friend Assalamu alikum I am S.Hameedullah Sherief, Working as Amway Business Owner/Distributor from Tirunelveli. I too have the same doubt but it is very clear that the company manufactures FMCG products all are Golden Standard Products which is Internationally approved, all the products are high quality products, and economic when compared with other unproved products which available in market with high prize, The Amway company produce 7 kind of products: 1. Home care,2.Health care,3.Personal care,4.Agricultural care,5.Insurance, 6.Skin care,7.Beauty care, all are excellent products with affordable price, With my conscious !!!!!!!!!!!!Amway business is Honest business!!!!!


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Hmm the business is quiet ok, because i see some useful things that will benefit humanbeing and i don't think their it is haram so far you are not selling what will harm, like bleacing creans and others. And remember that what is halal one can make it to be haram for him self...

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i dont see why it would be haram it is a type of tade and the food they sell is kosher and they give have vitemens to help the body it looks like a good and halal buisness to me

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