salam. I m teaching at a local high school. We pray zuhr namaz at school building although there s a mosque close to school building.but it s always locked and there s no other population in the surounding area. Only the veranda is available.the owner of the mosque posseses the it right for us

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Salaam brother and fellow teacher. You are blessed to have a mosque nearby as the group of Muslim teachers at our school do not have that luxury, living in a predominantly Christian society.

It is an outright shame that this mosque is kept locked and even during prayer time!

The imam should be at the head of the worshippers during prayers as he is obliged to pray in congregation; this reason is fulfilment of the trust to which he has been appointed and the task with which he has been entrusted.

Because you are so close to the mosque it is advisable that you offer the prayer in congregation at the mosque, even if the imam is not present. Each person is accountable for his own deeds. Even if he does wrong, you are still obliged to do the right thing and avoid doing wrong, so as to preserve this practice which is one of the pillars of Islam.

You could approach the owner of the mosque and let him know that there is a group of people from the school who wish to pray Duhr inside. This may encourage him to open the door on a daily basis and lead the prayers.

Failing this, you could with his permission; obtain a copy of the key. He should have no objections as he is entrusting the key to school teachers coming from a local high school.

Failing all of the above, you could offer the prayers on the veranda.

The fact that you are praying in congregation with your co-worker Muslims in itself has an immense reward.

Ou r Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam said,

“Prayer in congregation is superior to prayer alone by twenty seven degrees.” Bukhari & Muslim, from Ibn Umar ( Allah be pleased with him)

It was narrated that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Mas’ood (may Allaah be pleased with him) said:

"Whoever would like to meet Allaah, may He be exalted, tomorrow as a Muslim, let him regularly offer these prayers where the call to prayer is given, for Allaah has prescribed the Sunnahs of guidance to your Prophet (S) and they (the prayers) are among the Sunnahs of guidance. If you pray in your houses like this one who stays away from the mosque prays in his house, you will have forsaken the Sunnah of your Prophet, and if you forsake the Sunnah of your Prophet you will go astray. There is no man who purifies himself and purifies himself well, then he goes to one of these mosques, but Allaah will record one good deed for him for every step he takes, and will raise him in status one degree thereby, and will erase one bad deed thereby. I remember when no one would stay away but a hypocrite whose hypocrisy was known, and a man would come staggering between two others in order to stand in the row.' Narrated by Muslim (654)

Inshallah, you will resolve this issue and be able to pray inside the mosque. Salaam

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thanx sir ur answer satisfactory and leaves no confusion.thanx

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Salaam brother, alhamdolollah that the answer helps you. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala bless you.

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