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Wa Ssalam Alaikum to you all,

The title of this question i know will get a lot of people interested.

I have found a mathematical equation that proves Allah is the creator, that we have free will, that there is a judgment day and that there is a hereafter. I should also state it answers a lot of questions in mathematics and physics that mankind have pondered over since the selected schools of thought existed. For example it answers the question of infinity and proves that mathematics is set and there is no type of meta studies.

Most People don't realise but there is only one truth in our universe and that is mathematics. We can tell people about the glorious Quran and its mathematical miracles of pre knowledge, but until you have physical evidence in an equation - a non-Muslim will remain a non-Muslim no matter how much we preach. The Quran is only considered the truth and correct because it agrees to mathematics. Now I have physical evidence that Allah is the author, as every Muslim already knew.

The amazing part of the equation is that every Surah in the Quran is within the confounds. It is such an easy equation that due to its simplicity it actually is undeniable. All humans know the answer, we just never said it in an equation.

Please my friends understand the severity of this find. Once I get in contact with the right people there will be a lot of changes to mankind.

  • ANY atheist, pantheist, polytheist, non-theist who doesn't believe in Allah and his oneness due to lack of evidence will be proven wrong.
  • ANY religion who believes Allah has walked amongst us or had begotten a son will be proven wrong.
  • ANY human who does not accept The Quran as the word of Allah would be proven wrong because as stated before the Qurans every Ayat, is within the confounds of this equation.

My question is however this

Whom do I contact?

I have searched for scholars of Islamic background within the fields of maths and physics but all i ever get is pre 20th century search results. I have contacted universities from all subjects including physics, mathematics, theology, Islamic studies to no avail. I have contacted media renowned Islamic scholars to no avail I need to contact someone who can help. Does anyone know who?

Please note friends I am not stating I know the unseen or that I'm something I'm not. I do not want any recompense for Allah has given me a gift and as a Muslim it is my duty to pass it on. This is the greatest Dawah discovery to date.

Alaikum Salam and thank you

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how about Dr. Zakir Naik from IRF, Islamic Research Foundation?

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If Islam is true then why did the so called truth just came to pass 1450 years ago. And I'm not using so called to be rude but how ever old this earth is and you quantifying infinity which you seem to be the only one in the whole world that can do that why wait so long?

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Maths is man made?


The study of maths is man made. Mathematics is the universal governing law. If you think maths is man made, show me one truth without it if you say be true.

The only reason you believe in Allah is because the book is mathematically sound If the Quran had said water is fairy dust and clouds are cotton candy, you would not believe in that book because it goes against your logic

For example. In your man made maths scenario....lets look at a little man who has no knowledge, a new born baby.

The baby comes out and begins to breathe in oxygen for the first time, who taught it? The baby gets hit it cries, instantly it knows that crying is a relief of pain. who taught it? The baby feels hungry and even though it never used its mouth before the baby starts wanting food in its mouth, who taught it?

These are all mathematical processes taking place continually, many with your knowledge, a lot more without

Now you might say this is just natural instinct. Is crying a natural instinct? Then how can it be give at various levels by the individual?

The baby is working out an equation if it feels the need to cry (with the scenario of baby getting hit)

Hit + Pain = Cry

We know this exists, Amazingly so does the baby. Was it man who taught this to the baby.

If the baby didn't cry we know within the equational properties there is a mistake, maybe the baby is immune to pain, maybe the hit was not hard enough but everything is calculable.

So how did the baby know to do this?

Truth is... If the baby DIDNT cry we also know we can give a valid explanation Either the Hit or the Pain was not at its full potential to cause a proper cry.

EVERYTHING contains maths or it cant exist.

**Like Arabic is a GREAT TOOL but it is not the truth. It is a web address.


Is the term

٣ = ١ + ١


No matter which language or place in space this statement is incorrect to someone who understands arabic. 1+1=3 can not be right, here on earth, at the ends of the heaven, everywhere. This is called logic.

Every word we communicate is done with maths at its core. Its the way I see things, you just need to see it for yourselves.

Watch let me show you with the Quran.





mankind! (1) = Man (+) = Plural

(1+) = Mankind


Fear ( + - ) (fear is both a + and a -


your Lord (1) = your ∞ Lord



the One Who “ “ = the 1 = One = = Who (who is a relating word in this context. If used individually who is “?”)



created you






a soul

( + - )





and created



from it

= (1)


its mate


and so forth…...

Akhi it's because from smaller than atoms till the end of the universe everything talks with maths. Natural instinct to survive and prosper is the unifying language of everything.

Everything (+ -) we (1+) say (+) is = within ( ) mathematical ( + -) laws +

Mathematics is Hakk. If it isn't prove it wrong. Show me 1 evidence without using maths to prove something is true?

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