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Is this arrogant? When you advise someone to stop being arrogant when you were/(still in a way are) arrogant yourself? Is kind of like a hypocrite. Is it also arrogant and prideful to believe that you are better than others in Islam? Im Pretty sure it is Also is it bad to feel jealous of others in religion (Islam) when they are doing good deeds and everything Plz excuse my english was in a rush

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Telling someone to stop being arrogant does not mean the person saying this is arrogant, there must be a reason why they are saying that. Secondly, there are two types of jealously in islam. One which is you looking at another person n hating the fact they are better than you and you are not happy about it. The second type is a type of jealously which someone is doing well n u pray that Allah gives them more n u prey that allah gives you more or the same. For example someone doing more prayer than theres no harm infact you should try and do more prayers so you can get close to Allah. Also to think your better than others is pride . Hope that helps. just there to Answer

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Dear Brother / Sister, It can be the case that the arrogant is correcting the arrogant for it is very difficult for individuals to recognise their own arrogance.

Arrogant people would argue that they are not arrogant in the slightest for most individuals do not have the ability to self-reflect or the will and honesty to do this competently.

Even many who may read this will become indignant about what is stated and declare themselves exclusive.

We all have the potential for arrogant tendencies, but it is more enrooted in people with a strong fear of showing ordinary vulnerability, thus they have a need to constantly prove themselves or enforce control.

The chief feature of arrogance puts on a mask which quietly says to the world, “I’m not being arrogant. I’m not saying I’m better than you. It’s just that…”

Yes, it is arrogant and prideful to think of oneself better than others in Islam no matter what your position or wealth.

Neither the POSITION nor WEALTH are indicative of a humble, fair and wholesome character.

We can observe haughtiness and arrogance all around us and in some instances it is covered up very quickly albeit, not so expertly as time always reveal the truth. It is surprising and disappointing to observe such negative characteristics in people who in their efforts try to present themselves as pious and righteous. Where is the humbleness?

Jealousy is the brother of conceit and arrogance. These are all referred to as Nafs.

Not good virtues. Anyone who is jealous of a fellow brother or sister in Islam or in fact of any person, harbours a disease in his/her heart.

As the word says, disease is DIS EASE in one’s own body. It is akin to a virus or a germ that invades the body and affects the body in many different forms causing illnesses. So, jealousy is to be avoided and kept under control.

People who display the attributes which you mentioned may be striving on the path of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala but their biggest jihad is to wage war with their own Nafs.

Humans, like Jinns, are the dual make up of good and evil. They have the propensity of evil and good which are motivated and accepted either through Satanic whispers or through Angelic suggestions.

The more we struggle against the callings of the nafs by fasting and worldy indulgences the greater the sense of being pious and angelic.

Prophets of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala conquered this part of them and were successful.

The evil doers allow this part of them to reign free so they become condemned.

In summary, arrogance, pride and jealousy have no place in Islam. Salaam

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Arrogance is a form of characteristic of certain peoples makeup, that derives from the ego.It causes closed mindedness, and a state of illusion, that what they say is the fact, and their opinion is only what they know of. They find it very hard to accept guidance and help. The arrogance blocks this.

Certain life events can have a dramatic effect on these types of people, with this characteristic, and will struggle very hard to understand what is the truth. If a person says they are Muslim and displays this characteristic in nature, then they are truly struggling with their iman. If it is an atheist, then it is like trying to cut a stone in half with a feather. It is about in essence, the blockage of the heart, the ears or the eyes, when they are shown alternatives, they just can not accept it.

Anyone can recognise arrogance, its a vile state to see a person in. For me, I have great pity and it hurts my heart to see people display such a nature. With people like this,it is hard for me to be eloquent with words to express my concerns, when trying to confront them. I am not a pious person, righteous maybe, but most humble and thoughtful, to try and make someone see sense of there actions.

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"Arrogance is a form of characteristic of certain peoples makeup, that derives from the ego.It causes closed mindedness, and a state of illusion, that what they say is the fact," sounds like the definition of a muslim. closed mindedness, that islam is a fact.

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My good friend Mike. I hope whatever your searching for in life you get it.

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Abayad, Jazakallah, I have recognised it within myelfnwhile watching a Nouman Ali khan lecture, I was struck with fear and I was sincere in realising it and trying to stop.. The thing is, I try to humble myself and when talkig to people I try to be inferior at all times, I DON'T show my arogance and pride anymore, Thanks to Allah and only Allah :) But I have that angry feeling when a brother who literally thinks he knows everything and that others know nothif compared to him... With this type of person I still have an angry feeling, is this bad?

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@justheretoask, It takes great control, and is an admirable quality, if you can do this. Anger is also a derivative of arrogance, and to hold back and hold the tongue fast is wise. Let these so called no-it-alls have there say. You only have to know in your heart what is the truth, and that is all that matters. I wish you success with your fellings and will make dua for you also.

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Very bad my brother. ..taqwa is something which we all lack soo much. When a person has Taqwa he is so so worried about himself and how Allah sees him that he is does not even need to try and be humble, he is naturally humble. He doesn't even tell people hes being humble. Subhanallah. Imagine the status of such a person in the eyes of Allah. He will be so close to Allah. Taqwa is so important. That is why the scholars say you will not attain Taqwa until you truely believe. ..our belief is so weak that we cant even see the truth. Subhanallah my Brother may Allah give us all taqwa and truely remove the disease of arrogance and pride Ameen. Onlytheretoanswer

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Brother make dua for me please please so I can attain that Taqwa, please I beg you

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Ofcourse my brother but you make dua for me aswell because I am the worse person on the face of this earth. So please make dua for me aswel. Inshallah we will meet in jannah.

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JazakAllah Khairun Everyone,

Faisal, Abayadgirl, Stronghold - all of you May Allah grant you all goodness.

So to cure my heart and to cure my arrogance & pride, I need to consistently remain quiet when a situation of anger/arrogance and pride uplifts me? And slowly it will just go, just like that? I need the cure for arrogance, I've looked up videos and they remind me of things like "Remember what you came from", "you will return to dust", "think of yourself as inferior" etc. etc. but this does not cure this stupid, abhorrent disease of mine, please answer me for curing this?

No. 2: Question on Taqwa, So does this mean I have weak belief in Allah? :( I believe in Allah and I acknowledge the Qur'an and its miracles. I really need help with everything :( Ego arrogance taqwa :( May Allah help me

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Dear Brother, I understand your concern for all of us have to deal with the same feelings from time to time. Arrogance is strange. I don't know why people carry it. I think that it is found in people who do not do enough self reflecting. You know, quiet moments, pondering over what was said, the feelings. Questioning oneself. Was I right? Did I do something WRONG here? I QUESTION MYSELF FIRST. Often, I just look at me. If my feelings are hurt I turn to Allah Subhanahu Wa Taála. I tell him how I feel.

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I don't think it is a good thing to think of yourself as inferior. Or superior. We are all equal except for our deen and piety which will lead to a good character. Our beloved Prophet Rasulsaws said: 'The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur'an and teaches it.' and 'The best amongst you are those who have the best manners and character.'Also, on the note regarding thinking yourself inferior, Is a Muslim to think of Himself/Herself as inferior to a non-believer? This is why I do not think that this is the way to go.

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Also, I don't think that one should always 'Turn the other cheek'meaning allow the one who is saying bad words about you or hurting your feelings to be allowed to get away with it. My experience in life comes from having a good 50 years behind me and I have learnt a thing or two. My advice is, never be rude or condenscending to anyone. Always argue your argument in a fair manner. Approach the person who is causing problems on his/her own. Tell them about your thoughts on how they are behaving. Be firm and calm. It may be that you teach them a thing or two.

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Also, ego and arrogance DO dissipate when one thinks about death. Visit the cemetery from time to time. You will be amazed at the feeling you get. My father died a few years ago and not a day goes by that I don't do a duaa for him or think of him. I think of him in his grave. I think of the punishment of the grave. I think about how life goes on once we are gone. We take nothing with us. Just our deeds. This makes me very humble. In moments like these I think that nothing else matters, just me and my Lord Allah. Think and you will get there. Keep striving, you are good.

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Some never ask the questions that you are asking. These are the ones who need to worry. BTW, our striving never ends as we have so much to improve on, all of us.Just keep on the path of Allah. Remember what He said: “And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me, indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me [by obedience] and believe in Me that they may be [rightly] guided.”2:186 May Allah bless you for your honesty and willingness to bring up this topic. Salaam

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