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Is it allowed to perform ablution standing or sitting on a high place

asked 18222343 Ahmed%20sallauddeen's gravatar image

you mean like a mountain or chair? Allah made sure that our nation can do ablution anywhere even without water (tayamum) so you can do it anywhere with water or without that includes a high place this was a mercy allah gave us that in no case we would be presented with a situation that we cannot pray due to no being able to do ablution

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I mean to perform ablution with water while standind or sitting on a high chair.

answered 18222343 Ahmed%20sallauddeen's gravatar image

yes abulition only requires somone with intention to perform it as we know it perferred to do it with wate rif none avalable then dust at any circumstance abulition can be performed

answered 219722 NesreenA's gravatar image
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