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I'm extremely scared!! What should I do? I even started taking showers with the door fully open (when no one's around)!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

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Q: I heard that Satan can read your mind and heart. Is this true? I am really scared of jinn and devils and I always think that someone is behind me or watching me and I get very disturb when I am praying my salah. Sometimes I feel so upset then I start thinking Islam is so hard because every time I go out I hear bad words from people, but I know everything is for Allah. So please help me with this. And I also need some advice for my marriage life too because lately me and my husband are always arguing.

A: Allah gave the devil the ability to run through our veins and to know what we are thinking of. This is part of Allah’s test to us.

Never the less, Allah described the planning of Satan as weak. This means that we can overcome him if we abide by Allah’s orders and have our full trust in Him.

Remember that Allah had told us that Satan is our enemy and that we must take him as our enemy. He will try everything in his power to make you fall into his traps.

He will intimidate you and make you fear him. This is a sign of weak Iman and belief in Allah. Allah told us in the Quran not to fear Satan and his soldiers.

...They fear humans by nature but when humans fear them, they overcome their fear and start to control humans and intimidate them.

Have your trust in Allah and fear no one but Him and He will be with you and He will protect you. (Sheikh Assim Al hakeem)

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No u should not be scared. Fear allah only n thats it. Don't think about it too much.

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Please refer to my answer to the question what to do i cant sleep at night as it may help. BTW, you should only fear Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'alla. That makes it crisp and clear. Do not be afraid of ANYONE or ANYTHING else, for everything is His creation and has no power whatsoever. Salaam

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