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i was wondering if we had to re-do our wudu for every salah like even if u haven't broken it coz i do like i find it to be more clean to re-do it for every salah thxs a lot

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Salam sister, Wudu us not necessary before every prayer unless you had used the bathroom, had wind, bled, had oozing of any kind from a cut, graze, etc But if you want to do wudu before each prayer, then it is something good and it is Sunnah; Wudu cleans every bad look or thought u had, every bad word you may have said etc not just dirt; There is a hadith of the prophet peace be upon him talking about that. You should do wudu after sleeping if it has been a deep sleep, but if it was a short nap and you were conscious and aware of everything around you, you can still pray (Unless you want to do wudu). Allah knows best and may he accept our worship in spite of the mistakes we make. Ameen

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