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Salam Brothers and sisters!! I'm feeling so depressed.. I cont concentrate on my work. Becoz i was scared of my end.. Thats my death.. After my death. How should i be ? Where i will be ? Jannah or jahannam.... I cont pray my zuhr and asr as i was in work.. What should i do ? I was so scared of Allah... And about the day of judjement.. Pls my bro and sis.. Give me a solution..

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you can pray your zuhr and asr when you get home, there is no excuse for prayers, only special reasons. yes everyone should fear judgment day and also be prepared. nobody knows what day it will be, it could happen tomorrow so we have to be sure of ourselves. reading Quran and knowing the meaning, it would make you less scared and smarter of what your actually reading. Praying 5 times a day , praying sunnah, praying tarweeh. Fast the month of Ramadan. Visit Haji if you can. Listen to nasheed , go to the masjid and pray Friday prayers. Read about Islam, watch videos. there's so much information our there in the world , it keeps going and it doesn't stop. Don't fear Allah and you cant run away. make everyday count as if it was your last. sorry about your problem, I used to be like you, no I changed and follow all of the info above, I hoped this help and sorry it didn't.

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