I love this girl and it was pure love. I loved her for years but I couldn't tell her because I was scared of rejection. I loved her so much I wanted her to be mine. Before I told her I prayed to Allah to help me and make her for me. But as I told her she said she did gave feelings for me but not any more as she loves another and cannot love me. I then prayed and did dua asking Allah to make her mine I cried and prayed hoping she will love me. I tried again and she didn't she blocked me and never wants to speak to me and it hurts so much I am crying and asking for Allah to help me but I feel worse and right now iam still crying because iam hurt. My heart is broken and I feel like I will always be alone I have no one to talk to. Please dont judge me my love was pure I couldn't control how I felt about her. Where both arabic musliems. Iam 17 btw I know iam young but iam sure I love her and it hurts to loose her it feels god didnt help me. Iam in so much pain and iam scared ill do badly in my A levels. I ask Allah for help but I still am in so much pain I cry myself to sleep. And knowing her love is for another kills me inside I want to die. If suicide wasent haram I would do it to stop the pain. And I feel empty and I fear for my and future my studys. I need Allah to help me. I dont want to be like this the pain is so much why does Allah make me love her and then takes her away from me why. I just want to smile again I want to well I want someone to love me and carecabout me like I love them. I am very depressed at the moment and I feel suicidel but I wont I will go to hell. Eade help me I need it why is this happening to me I pray 5 times a day and two rukas after fajer evey fajer. Why? It hurt so much abd iam scared abt the future pleaee help me.

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Am sorry for all of ur probloms I realize now that even mine are small I have just ended my relationship but Nd came here to read and maybe get advise but the truth is love between a man and a woman is frail and meaningless no matter how strong those feelings are that's all they are just feelings and u are just allowing urself to be controlled by them I believe that they will mislead u and make more probloms for u and all around u just do what ur brain tells u to do and let those emotions free Allah is the onlone who can give u Tru emotions love sadness happiness anger are all Tru when faceing u and ur relationship with god so I think if anyone wants a to fix there broken heart then just look at ur self and ur relation to god and how it compares to the human been who broke it u will see that it meant nothing at all life is just a test and when its over the only thing that matters is the one with Allah and lastly I love u all my brothers and sisters I hope for u to find Tru happiness and love with ur lord and so I can see u all in genna where we can all be together and enjoy and love eachother truly

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Walaikum al salam Thank you for your answer it really helped. Thanks

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that's really tough! nobody can question Allah(SWT) and there's nothing you can do to change the girl's mind if you already tried your best. sometimes things happen for a reason and you don't know why but as time come, Allah doesn't rush and you will find out. You just have to learn to let go and move on in life. A girl cannot stop you from living your life. you are young and you have a long way to go. You have to worry about your career, your family and yourself. Allah will bring the right person to you and you don't have to try so hard. Things happen for the best. I used to feel like you but not anymore , I get over it even though sometimes things appear that reminds me too . Love is not forced is accepted. keep praying though and read Quran and don't hurt yourself at all , you know that is haram. remember yourself and who you are. Reality. I hope I helped and sorry if I dont

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