Is oral sex permitted in Islam??

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it is mekruh(1).we can not say it is definitely haram and can not say it is has very disadventageous about religon and,you must keep away. Hz.Muhammed says that your lips are for Kuran,theu have to be clean in hadis. in another hadis He says to look married couple's private parts is helal but disadvantageous.

(1)mekruh:mekruh has to is tahrimen mehruh,it is close to is tenzihen mehruh,it is close to helal. but if only mekruh pression is equal to tahrimen mekruh.

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As-Salamu Alaykum irfan25972, anal sex is forbidden in the islam. But it is not written that oral sex is forbidden too. I am telling you what i know,and Allah knows better. You can find many things on the internet, different opinions and discussions. Try not to beleave in everything on the net and if you think it is not healthy, Then do it over a condom. Simple. ;)

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oral sex is permitted and anal sex is prohibited

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Anal sex is the only form of sex that is explicitly prohibited.

W'Allahu a'lim.

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Oral pleasure is forbidden according to a Hadith where a sahabi asked the Prophet [saw] if he can approach his wife from behind to have sex in that position and the Prophet answered that he can have sex with his wife in that position but must put his private bit where it was created for it.

Therefore, in this hadith what we can understand is that when the Prophet [saw] says here, [must put his private bit where it was created for it] this is the general ruling that the man's private bits were created for the purpose of entering the exact place where Allah Has created it for it which is the woman's private bit and therefore, is forbidden for any where else to enter it like the Anal and the Mouth, and if the Anal's forbiddennes is mentioned then the Mouth is more serous then the Anal as the Mouth is totally different from the Anal and does not resemble the actual private bit of a woman like the Anal does, therefore, to put ones Mouth on the private bit has made him/her self low and has committed an act of sin. Allah knows best.

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Islam is nature or it is natural religion. So it is very much clear that it is against nature. According to hadith there are boumdaries and if one grazing his sheep near to the boundaries, the sheep may cross the boudaries. Oral sex etc or the ki nd of sex that is developed by the modern world. It is not allowed in islam.

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The main ob ject of islam along with sexual satisfaction is the reproduction and no reproduction or the sexual satisfaction of your partner can be obtained through it. The person involved in oral voilates the right of wife and human right is not pardonable

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