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What would be the highest ratio of profit earning in business. suppose a thing cost me at UK ponds 100.only, could I sell that thing at UK ponds 200 or even more?????/

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to my knowlegde you have the right to trade in islam at any price you please but blackmarketing, a process in which you buy all the goods that people are in dire need of or telling other sellers of the same goods as you to raise the price is haram a buyer should have the choice to buy somthing at a different price so by telling others to raise the price with you to earn more money is haram. but if you are buying somthing for an amount of money and doubling it but the person you bought it from keeps it at the same price its fine because if the buyer wants a good deal they can go to where you bought it from or a different vendor. in america they have somthing called supply in demand where they only sell part of what they have so there can be less and the public really needs it they will buy it at a very high price. this is also haram first your waisting the supply that you own by not selling it second you are fooling people. so you should try to sell at a reasonable price but it is your choice as to what the price of the item is. the profit once said( in translation) "allah has made trade lawful to you"

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