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Dear sister, The above answer is right. It is better for you to focus on school and attaining greater age and maturity. You are both very young and cannot take these feelings any further. Marriage is a big commitment and involves parents' consent, financial independence and all sorts of other big responsibilities which are a big deal. As the boyfriend/girlfriend thing is not allowed, your best option is to stop contact and if you are meant to be together some day down the track, you will cross paths. Do as Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has instructed us to do. This will bring you greater pleasure in life, believe me. Salaam and take care.

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Guys and girls itss toooo early. The love is pointlessness with out marriage. Thats what shaytan wants never fall in love until u get married. For yiut own good. Plus its haram to be in a relationship.

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