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is it haram to were a abba with heavy beading on it I got one from my mother in case of a special occation but is it haram to wear one with beading in public?

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Al-Hamdullillah Masha Allah. So far you said that it covers well and it does not open any attractive part of the body. I don't see any thing bad in it. But remember somethings that is halal, you can make them to be haram for yourself, that is if you don't used them in a halal way. May He(swa) guieds us. Wa Allahu Allam.

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Assalamu alaikum I think abba means for father

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thats another language,

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a abba is the traditional cover of women its long and loose and covers well but it has many beads and is colered a noticable color of blue

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I even learn that it is good to wear a decorative clothe amoung your mates(male) so as to attract them.

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I will like to answer your question correctly insha Allah, but im sorry i don't really know what is called abba or how it looks like, may be if you can discribe it, i will understand what you mean by abba. But due to my own understanding you can wear any type of wears which, in your mind you know that it is halal to wear such wear. I ever read a hadth where it is said that a man give the prophet a wears which is very decorative and attrative just like, let me say it is beader by shinny materias so when the prophet used it to pray it almost took the concentration of the prophet (saw), immediately after the solat the prophet told the companions that one of them should come and return the cloth because it almost took is attention during salat and if the person which to give him another one he can give him another one which is not decorative as that other one. So i think you can wear any types of cloth so far it will not expose some part of your body and it not distract you during solat or any ibadat. May Allah forgive us all and may He(swt) accept our ibadat. Wa Allahu Alam. Salam

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