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I am very depressed and feel like committing suicide. I am a Muslim. I feel like life has no meaning and feel like questioning the existence of God. I feel like God doesn't care and just wants to make my life a living hell. I apologize if what I am saying is against the rules because I had no time to read. So I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me if I said anything wrong. I really feel like committing suicide, I don't know what I should do, I don't know if God will forgive me for the things I've done.

I pray five times a day, I read the hadith, I try to please God but I find life so difficult. I don't know why God would want to do this to me. God doesn't talk to me or answer my prayers, God seems so harsh and unapproachable, God just seems like he isn't there. And my so-called brothers (and sisters) in Islam aren't much of a help either. I feel like there is not one single human on the face of this planet who can help and understand. I feel like there is no point in living. I might lose my faith any time and just commit suicide.

What can I do?

Once again, sorry if this goes against the rules or offends anyone, I am unable to think clearly at the moment. I just hope I can find help.

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reminder profits the believer

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thank you brother Abdulla200019

(Mar 31 '12 at 01:21) abjad abjad's gravatar image

Thank you, brother. I've been feeling very depressed for the past few years, and it's difficult. I hope Allah will help me and has not abandoned me. I will trust Allah.

(Mar 31 '12 at 10:03) AbdullahImranAz AbdullahImranAz's gravatar image

asalaaam aleykum

don't commit suicide simple as that..... .....and as hard as diamond. your prayers as usual and don't go after those books

you need 'change' of the ways you are now

change and make them simple and

easy as well as you believe that Allah hears everything and know.

do not go after what you have read as HARAM change the ways of thinking and be simple and let the matter with ALLAH wa huwa Faal Limaa Yuriid...sadaqa Lllah.

you also need to SHOUT go somewhere jungle forset i mean any empty quarter and SHOOOOOOOUT

or singing loudly and see the difference.


that much i could say brother:

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Right then, thanks brother. Been a long time since I've said that.

May Allah reward you.

(Mar 29 '12 at 09:46) AbdullahImranAz AbdullahImranAz's gravatar image

we are here to hear

and if possible help similar to what had happen to ourselves in person; and we were helped and found that benefited, Yet the TOP of our helper is ALLAH(Jalaa JalaaLuhu)

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assalaum alikum

why don't you help the needy,poor or ill person and then you will realize ...

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Dear brother/sister, I have little to give. But I thank you for your advice, I will do what I can InshaAllah.

(Apr 01 '12 at 03:28) AbdullahImranAz AbdullahImranAz's gravatar image

bissm allah alrahman arraheem......ina ma3 ilusry usraa, with difficult times comes ease, this is a verse found in many surahs in the quran somtimes we may feel hoplessness but allah has given us this verse as an ease to our hearts, remmember this verse whenever you feel times are difficult, keep your faith as strong as you can although it may seem difficult continue with your daily prayers and 3ibada and inshaallah your usrraa, or ease will come

"...Bear with patience whatever befalls you...." (Qur'an 31:17) and "Be not sad, surely Allah is with us." (Qur'an 9:40)"O' you who believe! Seek help in patience and the Prayer." (Qur'an 2:153)

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Thank you, brother/sister. I will take note. It is difficult sometimes because hope feels so nonexistent.

(Apr 01 '12 at 03:29) AbdullahImranAz AbdullahImranAz's gravatar image
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Walaikumsalaam, I appreciate the advice. I felt like giving up, but I will do my best InshaAllah.

(Apr 01 '12 at 03:31) AbdullahImranAz AbdullahImranAz's gravatar image

i will tell you smthing my brother.. many ppl dont care about the God..they think that He gave them the earth just to have fun and do nothing?but you care about the God so the goal of your life should be to prepare for your death.. we muslims believe in the life after death...dont listen to other people who's wish is to be rich and command everyone.. bcs they are confused and they don't know what they're doing on this earth..Allah created us only so we can pray to him.I know that its hard to be religious in this world since alot of people dont rly care about their death.. they are saying '' we are too young to die'' or ''death is the end'' but death can come every the goal of your life should be to die as a muslim and not to die while doing bad things..

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I thank you for the comment, it is hard at times, but I will take your advice.

(Apr 01 '12 at 04:28) AbdullahImranAz AbdullahImranAz's gravatar image

Brother AbdullahImranAz, Trials and tribulaions are the means of purifying you so that you can go to the purest places(jannat ). The punishment of Allah is not out of anger and wrath but the punishment of Allah is the way of cleansing you out of your sins so that you can go to the noblest places.

REad the above Dua continuously..and kalma sahrif all the time in your mouth and stop thinking about your difficulties. and never think of sucide.because your life of depression in this world can be upto 60-70 years but after death , that life is eternal.and the person who will commit sucide,all of his good deeds will be ruined and he will remain in the jahanam my brother, seek help from Allah.He(Almighty) is testing you...stop considering that u are only one who is suffering from difficulties..He(Almighty) Tests every person in this world by different ways to seperate the people of heaven and hell....:) stay Happy..your Life is a blessing .....Respect it and value it,,:)

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Thank you for the reply, I'll read the dua you have sent me. I appreciate it, may Allah reward you.

Allah must really love me if he's testing me this much.

(Apr 02 '12 at 08:24) AbdullahImranAz AbdullahImranAz's gravatar image

Just to add to what mohni said, Allah ONLY tests us to what we are capable of handling. we are never tested beyond are capability. So just remember that! You CAN pass this trial, otherwise you would not be tested with it. :)

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i hope this will help u brother.. jazakAllah.. :)

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Thank you again, I'll be sure to watch, inshaAllah. I appreciate your help, may we one day meet in paradise.

(Apr 02 '12 at 08:39) AbdullahImranAz AbdullahImranAz's gravatar image

InshAllah...JazakAllah.. :)

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