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im gay, i think the best thing i do is go asexual, because i have no lust towards women, been trying to deny that im gay for years, now i think it's the best thing i do is to go asexual, am i right or wrong?? and i believe that Islam counts the good deeds on acts mainly and a lot of times on thoughts, but Islam will count sins on acts only (that's what I've been taught in religion class), so I don't think it'll count your feelings towards someone as sins,am i wrong or right??

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No my friend islam encouraged us to follow the sunnah of the prophet, try and live tge way he lived. He got married and had children. He was a father a husband a uncle. So do the same.

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ok thnx =)

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Look at what im saying to you. Y u gna go even down that route. The prophet lived a normal life, married and had why u gna live your life like alien. Be strong, get married if you can and create love between your spouse. Your gna go mad one day if you carry on with that idea.

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I thought Islam said a person must get married only when they have lust???

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Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Shaitan wants you to feel sorry for your self so you can make excuses in your mind n then go and wrong. Read the story of the people of Lut. They were destroyed because of their obscene behaviour. My brother grow uo. Be serious think straight. Do you want to be in hell? What will you answer to Allah. U need to fear Allah. You need to be strong don't be a wimp.

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I'm not feeling sorry for my self, as I said in the answer above^, I never got engaged in gay sex or any gay acts, unlike Lut who had gay sex and they were proud of it, check answer before you Thanks for the effort anywayz =)

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Asalaam o alaikum, I think it best you refrain from such behavior, and such immoral thoughts. Fasting is usually prescribed for people of such tendencies, as this takes away all desires of human nature, and focuses on the real issue at hand, pleasing Allah. Ask for forgiveness and promise to Allah you will never divulge in unnatural acts again. Allah is most Merciful and Forgiving. In time, Allah may refresh your mind and inclinations towards women. Allah knows best.I wish you success.

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hahhahaah thanks, but what I want to clear things up, I never have and never well engage in gay sex or any gay acts, I'm not one o those sex seeking whores which are around a lot sadly (allah yehdeehom) I pray & fast like any other muslim and I try to be as good as possible and stay away from the sins. Now you're answer is something I already did, and you haven't really answered everything. I'll rephrase it, is being attracted to a man a sin?? like I can't help it it just happened

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OK, so its just attraction. Im pleased for you that no "activities" have taken place.,MashaAllah. I can only suggest you keep clean thoughts then and carry on with what you are doing. Are you quite young? well, no matter, this creeping desire for men is from shatan, trying to swerve you away from the righteous deeds you are doing.Stay strong, its a test and can be won over.

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I promise you I'm not a dirty minded person LOL =) I'm 17, and hoping it's just a phase I'm going through my teenage years Thanks =)

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