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I am a 17 year old boy, for around a year now, whenever I urinate, some urine stays in my urethra and dribbles out. It takes me up to an hour to clean it full, and affects my praying and my wudu. I've been to the hospital and they said around 50ML of urine stays, and they can fix it but it will take several months before I get an appointment. My question is, if I urinate and clean moderately, but I put some tissue or some plastic or something in they way to make sure nothing comes onto my clothes, can I still do wudu and pray.

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AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullah.

You will InshaAllah find the answer to your questions here.


I hope these answers help you. Muslims might find these answers life changing InshaAllah. however, Im not a scholar and cannot say if these answers will relate directly to you.

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May Allah help you, I will make dua for you.

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In your case what you can do is just like you have said clean yourself and cover it with a cloth and then do your wudu just before you pray.

what you need to do is do the same thing for every Salah that you clean yourself and cover it then do wudu just before Salah for all your Salah, so this means you must renew your wudu for every Salah and you can not use the same wudu for two different Salah, for example it is Dhuhur Salah you clean yourself and make wudu and pray and then Asar comes you clean yourself and make wudu and pray so you continue doing this for all your Salah Insha'Allah. Allah knows best

And may Allah help you get better soon Insha'Allah Ameen.

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